Relate UK – Award Winning Video Production


Earlier on in the year, Eon Media cast, story-boarded and shot a series of case study videos for the UK’s largest provider of relationship support, Relate UK. These were used as a fundamental part of a new e-learning campaign for the organisation.

Relate UK offer counselling advice for a range of relationships including marriage, parenting, LGBT issues and divorce. The videos were designed to train and prepare Relate support workers, ensuring they were experienced when taking part in consultations with clients.

Counselling Skills for Suppportive Roles

The case studies received great feedback from the Relate team and have subsequently gained them the ‘Best in Class’ award from their funders. This move, along with the positive reception of our work, has led to the e-learning course being set for commercial release.

Additionally the client is now looking at moving onto the next phase of their e-learning programme.

We are thrilled that the work completed for Relate UK has been met with such a positive response from their team and we look forward to growing our relationship with the organisation moving forwards.

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