Rating 5 Christmas Ads in 2023!


Every year, it seems to get earlier and earlier that brands release their highly anticipated Christmas ads, usually including an emotive or particularly jolly video. As marketers and creatives, Christmas campaigns are always topic of conversation in our group chat. Let’s take a look at some of the Christmas ads of 2023…and see what we rated them out of 5!

1. Aldi – ★★★★

Aldi Christmas Advert 2023

Ha! This is a fabulous ad embodying the spirit of Christmas! We love how they linked this to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to push the message of seasonal goodwill. It’s great how Aldi have created really strong characters, like Kevin the Carrot, that have their own personalities that people now expect to see at Christmas time – it can be really difficult for brands to rival other ads, and Aldi are a great example of creating something simple but strong and sticking with it year on year!

2. Amazon – ★★★★★

Amazon Christmas Advert 2023

Does anyone have any tissues? Amazon have done a fantastic job, yet again, on creating a really beautiful and heartwarming ad with their tagline Joy is Made. There’s nothing we love more at Christmas than seeing people smile, laugh and enjoy the merriments of the season – Amazon have really pulled it out of the bag with this one!

3. Barbour – ★★★★★

Barbour Christmas Advert 2023

This might be one of our favourites! Seeing our old friends Shaun the Sheep, Timmy, and Bitzer the dog work together to repair the farmer’s coat for Christmas is so joyous. With comedic elements, you wonder where this ad is going…but the distinctive patterning and Shaun’s attempt at making it a wax cotton really put Barbour’s stamp on this festive ad!

4. Sainsbury’s – ★★★

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2023

Whilst this doesn’t rival their iconic ‘Christmas 1914‘ advert, it’s lovely nonetheless. This is a great, original way of showcasing the festive food Sainsbury’s have on offer and we love that aspect of it. Maybe we’ll eat like the Big Fella this year, and treat ourselves to a Charcuter Tree!

5. John Lewis – ★★★

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2023

This just doesn’t give us the swell of emotions we have come to expect from John Lewis Christmas ads, but that’s okay! It’s full of Christmas joy, seeing a little boy grow his own Venus Fly Trap and make sure no one, even carnivorous plants, feel left out at Christmas…although we did worry it might snap up their dog at some point…

What has been your favourite Christmas ad in 2023?

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