Our Favourite Graphic Design Trends of 2022!


What are your favourite graphic design trends?

High-quality graphic design is imperative in the creation of a product or service, to attract custom and deliver a message in the most impactful way. Graphic design encourages a consumer to judge a book (or product/service!) by its cover, meaning on-brand design is crucial – quality design can drastically impact the quality and perception of a product.

Creative pragmatism is a phrase used widely within graphic design concerning the balance between creativity and reality, often used to create an eternal design – are the best designs those that are creative or those that are pragmatic?

We explore some of our design team’s favourite graphic design trends of 2022…

Graphic Design


Gradients typically feature two or more colours blended together in a gradual transition to create a more ethereal look, and add depth and dimension to a design. This design feature is dynamic and turns static images into energetic pieces, giving life to designs. Other design elements can also benefit from the addition of gradients, transforming block-colour designs by enhancing unique features.

Gradients in Graphic Design

Retro Typography

Retro typography typically lifts influences from different historical eras or periods to create a vintage style design. The 1950’s-1970’s are periods most commonly drawn upon for inspiration; these times in modern history are the most iconic in terms of fashion, art, and design. Retro typography adds a particular flair and mood to a design, often accurately representing brand image. Because of this, retro typography is popular with modern brands with a unique image, hoping to reflect their brand personality through graphic design.

Retro Typography

Character Illustration

Often in graphic design, characters or avatars are used to reflect brand personality through the lens of an individual. Character illustrations are often used as a storytelling vehicle to deliver the brand identity. This type of graphic design can inject humour and personality into a brand and strengthen their image and communication.

Character Illustration


Mashups typically include two or more elements being merged to deliver a new, fresh design. Remixing different designs encourages creativity to flourish, as well as the connection of cultures. Transforming design, mashups are a great way to combine different approaches to create something on-brand and specific to your audience. Our team really like this trend, especially when two contrasting designs are merged to form an iconic image.

Mashups in Graphic Design

Mismatched Lettering

Mismatched lettering is the process of creating illustrations with letters or numbers. Using contrasting fonts can attract more attention to a design and enhance the communication of the brand identity. Of course, the initial attraction to the design is arguably the most important feature as it draws attention to the brand and its personality. Mismatched lettering is popular in modern architecture as it allows for the better use of colours and space, whilst being recognisable. Many find that mismatched lettering designs are more memorable from the introduction of unexpected shapes and colours.

Mismatched Lettering

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