We Are Partnering with Oh Yes! Net Zero


We are delighted to announce that Eon Visual Media are teaming up alongside our sister company Springfield Solutions, as official partners for Oh Yes! Net Zero.

Oh Yes! Net Zero, is a brand, a city-wide movement, and a campaign that will unite the city region in promoting and supporting activity that reduces our carbon footprint.

What is Oh Yes! Net Zero?

Led by Marketing Humber, University of Hull, Hull City Council, and Reckitt, Oh Yes! Net Zero is a brand-new unique opportunity for local people and businesses in Hull to come together and collectively drive down our carbon footprint and lead the way in the UK’s fight against the effects of climate change in our city.

By making simple changes to the way we all live and work, what we eat, how we move around and even how we feed our pets, we can all reduce our carbon emissions and, if we all do that together, we can achieve our net zero target and help tackle climate change.

You can learn more about Oh Yes! Net Zero in our video below featuring Eon Visual Media Managing Director Matt Dass.

Why are we doing this?

Here at Eon Visual Media, we strive to make positive changes here in the workplace to help us achieve carbon net zero. This is particularly important for our region as the Humber is the UK’s largest cluster by industrial emissions, emitting more than 12 million tonnes of CO2 per year (or 37% of emissions from the UK’s six largest industrial clusters). With this, we are thrilled to be part of Oh Yes and thriving to make positive change.

Oh Yes! Net Zero - Is this everyone's business?

Our Pledge!

At Eon Visual Media, we are committed to operating as a sustainable organisation and are constantly working on various Eco-Friendly initiatives to offset their effect on the environment and achieve their goal of a zero-carbon economy.

With this, we are delighted to announce the following pledges we are saying “oh yes!” to, alongside Springfield Solutions, to help us achieve net carbon zero!

  • Purchasing all our electricity from 100% renewable sources
  • Installing 96 solar panels to generate our own electricity
  • Converting all lighting in our office to LED
  • Engaging, informing, and educating all staff on our Net Zero goals
  • Training staff on Climate Change Essentials in conjunction with AURA Innovation Centre
  • Updating our Environmental Policy to incorporate our Net Zero goals
  • Installing vehicle electric charging points in our car park by 2022 
  • Sub metering all major plant equipment by 2022
  • Collecting data for all Scope 3 emissions by 2022

How can you get Involved?

If you and your business would like to get involved and join Oh Yes, you can find out more via the campaign website, and sign up to their newsletter here!

Over the next few months, we will continue to share updates across our website and various social media channels with tips, stories, and latest news about how we can all work together every day, to protect our planet tomorrow. Watch out for more updates on our progress for becoming net carbon zero!

Oh Yes! Net Zero - are we going to make a difference?

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