Meta Quest Pro: Review


Meta recently announced the release of the Meta Quest Pro, a new and upgraded version of the Meta Quest 2. It claimed to have better features, upgraded specs and was more targeted towards businesses, highlighted by Meta’s partnership with Microsoft. Check out our blog on the announcements you may have missed!

As soon as we could, we snapped up a Meta Quest Pro! Here’s our review…

James with the Meta Quest Pro

Okay so pros…

  • Better ergonomics – the headset is a lot more comfortable and secure than its predecessor.
  • Better visual features – 1800×1920 pixels per eye! This means enhanced visuals, graphics and improved contrast, which makes a huge difference to gameplay and general use. The full colour passthrough on this headset is not perfect, although shows potential for future improvements!
  • New controller designs – the new controllers for the headset are more comfortable, with built in rechargeables and improved haptics. With outward facing tracking cameras, the controllers claim to rarely lose sight of the headset and allow better tracking of hand movements. Note: these are alsp backwards compatible to be used with the Quest 2!
  • Improved headset cameras – the inward facing cameras better detect facial expressions, improving and refining user experience. This feature was mirrored on an avatar raising its eyebrows and wrinkling its nose.
  • Lightblockers – being more advanced than the Quest 2, the Quest Pro allows you to choose the amount of light you block out, however, the rubber attachments to do this don’t come with the headset and are sold separately.
  • Ability to use multiple screens – one feature we loved was the ability to open multiple resizable screens at the same time, allowing for multitasking without the need for multiple monitors.
  • Mixed Reality – although you still need to manually map out your room for the MR feature, its capabilities are strong. There isn’t much MR content on the headset at the moment, but hopefully when this changes we will be able to review this feature further.

The upgraded features (12GB memory, 256GB storage) and processor really enhance the user experience of the Meta Quest Pro. It has better haptics and face/eye tracking which, combined with the upgraded controllers and comfortable fit, make the headset an exciting gadget to see the improvements and future of virtual reality technology.

Lotty Using Meta Quest Pro

Now onto the cons…

  • Price – at a staggering £1499.99, the Meta Quest Pro is a lot more expensive than the Quest 2, which is priced at around £399.99. If this was a massively improved finished VR product we could maybe understand the price but as it stands, the Meta Quest Pro is still a developmental gadget in the growing world of the Metaverse.
  • Battery life – compared to the Quest 2, the new headset has a very short battery life at around 1.5-2 hours, meaning if you like to submerse yourself into the world of VR, this might not be the product for you. Although the new charging features are thought to be better, the constant charging for avid gamers/workers is slightly annoying.
  • OURS BROKE! – after having our headset about a week, we found it wouldn’t charge properly and therefore we couldn’t use it! A plus to this are their customer services, who are replacing the product…

Overall, we think there are clear improvements and upgrades that show obvious developments in the future of VR and the Metaverse. As well as this, the opportunities it shows for mixed reality, Horizon workrooms and further enhanced usability are great potential in the growth of VR and AR products. The Quest Pro definitely feels like a brand new device as opposed to a Quest 2 upgrade, showing the enhancements of digital features. Despite this, the battery life and its focus on MR may mean this is not the VR product some customers were hoping for, and will therefore not consider the £1499.99 price tag worthy.

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