Meta Connect 2023 – Our Thoughts!


Meta Connect is an annual event hosted by Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The 2023, 2-day event centred on AI and virtual, mixed and augmented realities. The highlights of this year’s event include the announcements of the Quest 3 headset, Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Meta AI. Read last year’s blog to refresh yourself on what was announced last year!

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Quest 3 Headset

The Quest 3 Headset was introduced with improved passthrough tech, higher resolutions and better graphics making it, on the whole, a more visually impressive piece of kit. With 110-degree field of view and the ability to personalise and ‘augment’ your physical space, the Meta Quest 3 seems like a really exciting headset, and retails for only £479.99, which might seem pricey but it’s a LOT cheaper than the Apple Vision Pro, announced earlier in the year, retailing at around $3,500!

Meta Connect also hinted at Meta Quest for Business, which teases enterprise AR applications and is set to be launched in October…watch this space!

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Over the years, smart glasses have appeared clunky, impractical and targeted at the wrong audience. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, however, are seemingly heading in the right direction of being practical and genuinely usable. This innovation gives exciting opportunities for users to livestream from the glasses and the choice of 150 design combinations and hopefully soon, the ability to translate text. These glasses will retail for around £300 and look like a really exciting and promising innovation!

Meta AI

As we all know, AI is rapidly growing, both in popularity and in use. Working in conjunction with the Quest 3 Headset, one of the features of Meta AI includes chatbots to help with the headset, as well as work across their social media platforms. They are keen to create AI bots that reflect the values of Meta and aim to improve customer experience. The Meta AI Studio will not only work for Meta, though – it is available for other businesses to build AI bots to work across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

We’re really excited about these innovations, particularly the Quest 3 Headset and the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. The Quest 3 seems way ahead of its predecessor and is designed to be more interactive, blurring the lines between realities, giving users the opportunities to interact with graphics generated by the headset itself. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are particularly exciting because of their lightweight, casual and traditional design paired with Meta AI voice tools, giving users unique abilities. We can’t wait to trial out these Meta Connect 2023 announcements!

We wonder what’s going to be announced at Meta Connect 2024?

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