Jade’s Student Journey While at Eon


Over the past year, our Sales and Digital Marketing Executive Jade has taken up teaching (a PGCE) to do alongside her work at Eon Visual Media.

Let’s take a look at how Jade is finding her PGCE…


‘Something that you might not know about me but a passion of mine besides media, is teaching. After 2 years of being at Eon, I had an opportunity to do my PGCE and took it. Rather than taking a year out, I decided to do this part-time alongside working and do this course over 2 years. 

‘Within my role, I have visited colleges to speak about my journey and how I got where I am today. I noticed that students are not getting opportunities to work in the creative industry. Once they leave college or university, they apply for jobs with no experience and are turned away. 

‘What I hope to achieve by doing my PGCE is to find talent in my classrooms and push them into industries all across Hull. I think there’s so much talent in Hull and students would benefit from being in an agency for a week, month or even a year. With my role at Eon, I have networked and have connected with business owners who are in the same industry as me and what I’m teaching to my students.

‘Anything from video production and design to marketing and sales, I feel like I have a connection to at least one agency in Hull who can help these students. 

East Riding College

‘The support from Eon has been great, Matt, James and Jack have checked in to make sure I’m not giving myself too much pressure but also asking for updates on what I’m learning and how it can help the business. I appreciate all the support from the team!

‘As I enter my final year, I can’t wait to graduate and start putting my ideas into action and start helping my students and allowing them to grow their skills and reach out and connect with more agencies in Hull!’

We wish Jade the best of luck in her final year and look forward to all the exciting things she gets up to!

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