Jade’s Last Day!


Jade Hamilton, our Head of Partnerships at Eon Visual Media, is leaving us! She’s heading off on a new journey and we wish her all the luck. She’ll be missed in our offices and at events, but we know she’ll be a familiar face. Good luck Jade!

What was it like for you when you first started?

When I first started Eon we had everyone in the office, the office was booming…then 3 months later covid hit. It was very strange going from seeing everyone to talking over teams and not being allowed to leave home. I started off helping out as maternity cover for Lotty and helping out with the Video and Animation team as well as communicating with clients about updates on their projects.

Hollie, Lotty and Jade

Do you remember any of your first shoots or projects?

I can’t think of a project or shoot but one meeting that comes to mind was when myself, Jack and James headed to Gatwick for a client meeting. We pretty much spent the majority of the time on trains but it was my first time in London and it end up been a very long day but the bonus was I had fish and chips before the train home!

Have you met any famous people through the years?

As we are a main sponsor at Bridlington Business day, I actually met Gyles Brandreth this year and he was exactly the same as he is on TV…I’m a Gogglebox fan so was excited to meet him! As our theme this year was seaside, we offered him one of our hawaiian shirts and he adored it – in fact he put it on and got a picture with us and when someone tried to hand the t-shirt back to us he screamed ‘I want that t-shirt, I’m keeping it and taking it home with me’, so now we are waiting for it to appear on either This Morning or Gogglebox!

Hollie, Jack, Gyles and Jade

If we were to ask for a list of some of your most favourite memories, which would make the cut?

A few things come to mind but I love the team events we do. A few Christmases ago we did the ‘Eon Oscars’ where we nominated categories and chose a team member who would most likely win. Farouk always seems to win the late award! I think just spending time with the team is my favourite as everyone has a laugh, relaxes and just enjoys being around each other! In lockdown, we tried to do as many Friday beers or quizzes. Among Us was also a popular game to play!

I will miss these get-togethers and the people. I feel like I’ve met some people who will be in my life for a very long time, but I’m excited to start this next chapter of my life!

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