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Here at Eon we have a diverse team of creatives with lots of different passions and personalities. During our recent ”Who We Are?” campaign we got to know some of the team in a bit more detail (you may have seen our video series on our social channels).

If anything, one thing was clear – we all love brands and technology.

Although some of the team managed to avoid the cameras they didn’t get away that easily, so we caught up with the rest of the team to get the inside scoop…

Favourite brand & why?

Matt Dass (Co Owner & Director): Rapha, they have some amazing visual content and thoroughly understand their customers and digital (other than Hull KR of course ☺)

Nathan Hunt (Senior Developer): Subaru – I have one and It’s an awesomely fun car to drive

Joe Draper (Developer): Paul Reed Smith – They make awesome guitars!

Clare Arnold (Senior Designer): Kat Von D Beauty – The ethics behind the brand are great.  The naming of shades within the range with cute nods to music and subculture. Also the product packaging.  And most importantly, their liquid lipsticks are THE best

Jonny Saxton (Videographer): Sony – My 4K TV and bluetooth headphones are essential in my life

Favourite piece of tech?

Matt: Garmin Forerunner 920XT (Multisport GPS watch)

Nath: My Smart Watch

Joe: Of course, the Oculus Go VR headset

Clare: My iPhone – I have a camera, music and Sat Nav all in one device

Jonny: My MacBook


What could you not work without?

Matt: My MacBook Pro, I’m afraid it even comes on holiday with me ☹

Nath: My earphones

Joe: Bluetooth headphones

Clare: Coffee!!!

Jonny: Copious cups of tea 

Fun fact about you OR 3 words to describe you?

Matt: I fell asleep in a suitcase when I was 3…my Mum thought I’d run away so she called the police. They found me in Torremolinos 2 weeks later with a pina colada and a donkey 😉

Nath: I took part in the Rollometer challenge on the gameshow 50/50 in the early 2000’s with my high school! 

Joe: I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 2 minutes 

Clare: I have a vinyl collection of around 250 records, with approx the same in Cd’s 🎶

Want to learn more about the team here at Eon and what we do? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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