Eon Oscars 2021!


With the annual awards season in full swing, many people across the world were preparing to find out who was going to win big at the 2021 Oscars!

However, at the Eon Visual Media HQ, our team were digging out their finest black-tie outfits for the very first Eon Oscars event!

Our award show event was held virtually via Microsoft Teams on Friday 23rd April and allowed us the opportunity to acknowledge and reward our staff achievements over the past 12 months throughout a variety of different categories.

Here are some of our favourite awards from the evening!

Matt Dass - Eon Oscars

The Tea Pot Award

For our very first award, we really wanted to kick things off with a bang and get the par-TEA started!

For our first list of nominees, there isn’t enough tea in China to keep these guys hydrated. This award was for the member of staff who had the biggest thirst for tea and regularly needs this human fuel to keep them running throughout the day.

Tea Pot Award

I’m from ‘ull Award

Like cream-coloured telephone boxes, patties and chip spice, the Hull accent is truly unique!

Our next award was for the member of staff who is Hull thick and through right down to the core!

Combined with the heavy Hull accent, our winner is also infamous for constantly using Hull slang words in meetings such as baines, skeg, ten foot and twagging!

I’m from ‘ull Award

Muted Award

Over the past 12 months, most of us have been subjected to using Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate on projects. As a result, many of our staff have begun to use a plethora of new catchphrases whilst virtually meeting on Microsoft Teams. Some of the most frequently used phrases include,

“Do we have everyone here?”,

“Can you see my screen”,

“Sorry, I need to jump on another call”.

But for this award, the phrase our winner will have heard the most this year is “you’re on mute!”

Muted Award

Worst WiFi

Whilst we’re on the topic of Microsoft Teams, another irritating problem many have been subjected to whilst working from home, is trying to decipher conversations from those working from a rubbish Wi-Fi connection.

For our next award, the phrase our winner will have heard the most is, “sorry, can you repeat that” and “sorry, we lost you there for a second”!

Worst WiFi

Unfortunately, Farouk was unable to attend the event, however, he was able to send us a short acceptance speech for winning the Worst Wi-Fi award!

Farouk Forster – Acceptance Speech

Best Lockdown Locks

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen many of our staff at Eon flaunting a wide variety of new hairstyles due to hairdressers, barbershops and salons being forced to close.

As a result, we have seen our staff flourishing DIY haircuts, shaved heads, overgrown and long, luscious locks. We have also seen many trying to hide their hair under beanie hats, baseball caps and even the occasional man-bun!

This award was for the best Lockdown Locks!

Best Lockdown Locks

Full List of Winners

The Tea Pot Award – James Cherry

Lockdown Locks Award – Jonny Saxton’s Dog Finn

Never Too Early for Happy Hour Award – Jack Milson

DIY Award – Jon Adlard

Giphy Award – Will Garman

Muted Award – Steve Forster

Worst WiFi – Farouk Forster

Pumping Iron Award – Nathan Hunt

Broken Webcam Award – Mike Nightingale

Longest Commute Award – Clare Arnold

I’m from Ull Award – Abbie Malton

Doppelganger Award – Dave Hammond

Profanity Award – Pete English

Best Video Call Cameo Award – Lotty Briggs and her daughters Daisy & Hope

Perfect Attendance Award – Matt Dass

Best Host Award – Jade Hamilton

A Special Thanks!

As the Eon Oscars came to a close, we gave a special thanks to the Eon Oscars Academy (Jade Hamilton, Jack Milson & Pete English) for their hard work in organising and coordinating this event!

Eon Oscars Attendees

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