Digital Future Proofing: Change, Adapt, Thrive


Following our day at Bridlington Spa on June 7, we were inundated with interest regarding our Digital Insight Workshops that we hosted on the day. Due to capacity for the seminars being met and exceeded, there was an influx of messages for more info on the topics discussed by Head of Eon, James & Managing Director, Matt.

That’s where we come in! We went to Matt to ask him for some key takeaways from the presentation that we could share. Some keywords were, agility, relevance & change.


Being constantly aware and reactive to change is vital. Highlighted, is the demise of Blockbuster, due to the increase in demand for the type of service Netflix is known for today. What is key about Netflix’s strong position in the market however, is that it was born out of its ability to change. Netflix altered its business model to suit an evolving client base, whilst Blockbuster remained the same, and we all know who came out on top.


A similar story can be told for Mobile Tech organisations, Apple & Nokia. Once market leader, Nokia were known as the world’s supplier of mobile phones, with any competition in the marketplace simply emulating their existing products. Apple are an example of a company that were revolutionary in the evolution of mobile tech, bringing a totally market-disrupting product to the market in the iPhone, a product that would go on to enable Apple to become the first $1 trillion company; blowing Nokia completely out of the water.


Top Tips: 

Is the way you are producing products and the way you provide a service for your customers still relevant? For example, in 2015 we were producing engaging and interactive training and educational content that was delivered via DVD-ROMs. Do you still use DVD-ROMs? Have you even heard of DVD-ROMs? With DVD-ROMs no longer relevant today, we now produce the same content but deliver it through the use of mobile tablets via an App which links into our customers’ CRM systems, to make the experience more accessible and personal.

Look into the future. Don’t just be directed by the way the world has or is changing. Are there new/innovative ways you can produce your products, or support your customers? At Eon Visual Media, we are moving the Apps mentioned above into an Augmented Reality user experiences for instance.

Final comments from Matt are; “Businesses need to constantly adapt to the changing world in order to thrive. The key to success is to be agile enough to be able to do this.”

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