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A significant challenge facing all pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals is in ensuring that patients take their prescribed medicine doses correctly and at specified times.

Med-Con Technologies App

This is particularly critical during clinical trials of any new drug where failure to adhere to the prescription regime can render trials null and void. Clinical trials cost pharmaceutical companies significant amounts of money so data reporting accuracy is vital.

MedSked has developed a unique tab label system to address this key issue.

Med-Con Technologies Interactive Label

Taking this one step further Eon Visual Media has created a bespoke app and analytics portal to track and trace scans of MedSked Smart labels during the clinical trials phase of drug testing.

Med-Con Technologies Trial Overview

The analytics portal allows pharmaceutical companies to more accurately track adherence during clinical trials. The mobile app reads unique data-matrix codes on the drug packaging. The app reminds participants when to take their medication and also prompts them to scan the smart label. Data from each scan is reported to the analytics portal giving the clinical trials administrator real time visibility on adherence levels. Any lack of adherence to the trial regime prompts relevant action such as reminders and remedial steps. This solution thus has significant implications for the accuracy of future drug trials.

Med-Con Technologies Add and Edit Trials

Prior to this solution drug companies had to rely on participants to accurately record data using traditional manual methods.

Med-Con Technologies Warnings

To date the app has been successfully piloted by two of the top ten worldwide pharmaceutical companies, with further pilot tests scheduled with two additional major pharma companies.

Eon Visual Media’s solution has now been nominated for a prestigious award at The Digital Awards 2017 and the winning entries will be unveiled in September.


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