Our Design Team Are Cooking Up a Storm!


Eon Visual Media Re-Brand Teaser Animation

The design team here at Eon Media HQ have been working tirelessly to create ‘a new us’. We’re having a major makeover. Everything from our branding, website, signage, stationery to our office decor is changing. We have a new mission objective, with our core values being:

Creating, Inspiring, Digital.

We aim to inspire our customers with the digital content we create. And what better way to show you what we can do than by illustrating it through our brand, a new experience is to be had – we want to show you that, whether you step through our office front doors or you pick up one of our business cards, you’re inspired.

With the rebrand will come the launch of our Instagram page, bursting with fresh content; video, images and GIFs galore – make sure to follow us when we go live as this is where the rebrand journey will begin. Alongside this, we will be giving you greater insights into our exciting work on all platforms from now on, so stay tuned!

We will make sure you know when we have launched. We can’t wait for you to see the new and improved version of ourselves.

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