Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (well Birmingham, Easter 2017 to be precise) the good people at Walkers Chocolate factory made one little boys dream come true by rewarding him with an exclusive tour of their Easter Egg Factory. The little boy’s name is Charlie and just like in the film he even took his Grandpa along.

Walkers Chocolates have been supplying Asda with Easter Eggs for over 30 years and the magical event was organised after Charlie wrote to Asda to tell them how much he loved their Easter Eggs.

Charlie was given a VIP tour to see for himself how his favourite Easter Eggs are produced and Eon Visual Media were duly dispatched to film Charlie’s special day on location at Walker’s Birmingham factory.

The film was produced and edited in time to capture the run up to the Easter holiday break and to date has had a very positive reaction to the social media outputs.

The video is the latest project produced for Asda by Eon Visual Media.


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