CES Tech 2024 – Part Two


And we’re back for Part Two of the CES Tech 2024 blog! If you’ve not already, check out Part One to read all about the AI, AR and VR announcements!

Let’s get into it…

Samsung’s Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED screens are poised to change viewing experiences, blurring the lines between content and virtual reality. Samsung have recently unveiled their micro LED display after 6 years of research and development. With a clear, glass-like display, its futuristic, frameless design sure generated a lot of attention at the CES Tech 2024 event!

samsung transparent led screen at ces tech 2024

XPeng Aeroht Flying Car

I don’t think many of us thought we’d be talking about a flying car in 2024 but here we are! The Land Aircraft Carrier is effectively a vehicle of two halves: a rugged pick-up truck and a drone style aircraft. Yes, it sounds bizarre, but this is seemingly the future of transport! Starting at around £150,000, and available to order in the final quarter of 2024, this incredible feat of technology and engineering is very exciting and we can’t wait to see where this goes!

xpeng aeroht flying car at ces tech 2024

Amazfit Helio Ring

Wearable technology is increasing in popularity, as more people look to seamlessly integrate wearable tech into their everyday lives. Amazfit’s Helio Ring simply records your sleep, health, wellness and sports activity, and is available to view in the Zepp smartphone app. Consisting of both a watch and a ring, it is recommended that people use both together to fully and accurately track exercise and other wellness activities.

Is this totally innovative, or is it just another piece of wearable tech? The jury is still out, but it is for sure an interesting piece of kit!

amazfit helio ring at ces tech 2024

Naqi Neural Earbuds

Have we saved the best until last? We think so! These earbuds allow users to command, control and navigate computers, digital devices, smart home devices, robots and wheelchairs without the use of voice, touch, cameras or screens. The ability to control almost anything digital with the use of only your mind is incredible (and maybe incredibly scary…). The earbuds are non-invasive alternatives to brain implants that track gyroscopic, muscle and brainwave sensors.

These are certainly an interesting and innovative invention and hold so much potential for different types of use! What do you think?!

naqi neural earbuds at ces tech 2024

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