What Our Business Day Looked Like

Eon Visual Media's Stand at The Business Day
Eon Visual Media’s stand at Business Day!

Business Day is always a busy time for Eon, with our team spending the week preparing and setting up to showcase what we can do!

Lotty, Jade, Will, Matt and James arrived early Friday morning, along with our creative team, to set up our stand and get ready for a day of filming, networking and metaverse madness!

Queue 9am… The first breakout session of the day. Matt and James eagerly anticipated the arrival of esteemed local figures, ready to answer the question ‘What the f*** is the Metaverse?’. Since the event, we have received some great feedback on our social media pages about Matt and James’ talk, specifically highlighting the mind-blowing technology that is rapidly growing across the globe.

Eon Visual Media's mission of 'Creating. Inspiring. Digital' spray painted across a plain wooden background
Creating. Inspiring. Digital.

After the breakout session, the Eon Visual Media stand was flooded with eager digital-beavers, keen to try out the VR headsets we brought along. It was great to see some of the fun people had in the metaverse, virtually meeting some of Eon’s work from home heroes, and exploring the virtual space crafted by our talented creative teams.

Whilst our brilliant sales and marketing guys were networking and chatting to some inspiring local figures and organisations, our creative team were busy filming the event! To showcase Eon Visual Media and The Business Day, we put together a short video…

It is clear to see some of the talent we have here at Eon Visual Media and we are proud to show off our friendly team. We loved chatting to some fabulous people about the metaverse, virtual realities, the tech world and of course our core business services, and we cannot wait for Business Day 2023!

It is such a privilege for us to be given the opportunity as a main sponsor for The Business Day, and we only hope our creative work inspires digital movements throughout the business world!

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