Business Day 2019: AR, VR & 360° Video


On Friday 7th June, Bridlington Spa underwent a complete transformation. In aid of Business Day 2019, the building was transformed into the perfect networking space. The smell of coffee had filled the air, the lanyards had been laid out and the main hall had been revamped into a flower filled village green. 

As a main sponsor and exhibitor at the event, we’d spent the last 3 months putting blood, sweat and tears into planning and prepping every tiny detail of our exhibition space and content.

Through our exhibition space, we wanted to create the ultimate unwind environment for us to meet and connect with fellow industry leaders, but also showcase Eon, our supercharged team, and the innovating work that we do.

Eon Unwinding Space

Through our minty shade of green, we created our very own ”Eon living room’’, complete with slouchy sofas, mood lighting and intricate home details.

By creating an event space that was stylish yet simple, we were able to effectively showcase the main attraction at our stand…..Augmented Reality. We brought to life cookbooks, magazines and family photos, all through the use of AR technology. As well as this, our screens were jam packed full of visual content, and we were able to demo some of our tech pieces like our Oculus Go VR headset. 

Augmented Reality Book

Fast forward to 1 week later and our office is filled with the feeling of post Business Day blues. To cheer ourselves up, we spoke to our team to cull together our review of the day!

Callum Saunders (Sales & Marketing)

The Bridlington Spa underwent a complete transformation on Friday 7th June. Walking into the venue, you could definitely feel the excitement, and this was only amplified by being an exhibitor at the event.

Having visited the venue 2 days prior to the big day, in order to help set-up, it was a great feeling to see Eon’s stand complete, and hear delegates thoughts and impressions of our space, whilst engaging in conversation with them in our ”Eon living room’’.

The day gave our team a chance to breakout of their usual office environment and interact with different people, put faces to names previously contacted, and participate and connect with other exhibitors on the day too. Our innovation workshop seminars were a hit too, with both hitting maximum capacity!

Eon's Stand at Bringlington Spa

Lotty Briggs (Head Of Video & Animation)

I enjoyed catching up with everyone; old and new contacts alike. I’m not a fan of networking events in general but this one feels different. Perhaps because it’s a whole day event (or because it’s a Friday!) but it feels more relaxed. Everyone is there to enjoy the day, eat some good food and learn something new.

We got the chance to interview Giles which was fab. He’s such a likeable character, really accommodating and in my opinion, a great addition to the day!

Networking Event

Matt Dass (Owner/Director)

We spoke to our Owner, Director and future proofing expert Matt, to pick his brain on his key takeaways from the day:

  • Business Day is a unique event that puts the majority of our business community in the same place at the same time, giving us a chance to catch up with existing and potential clients.
  • The event has a really ”special” atmosphere about it. The people who are attending are doing so to learn something thus, enter the event with an open mind.
  • I think I stopped talking to people for only 10 minutes from 7.30am until 4.30pm!

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