The Latest Augmented Reality Glasses


Chinese tech giant, Huawei, are the latest brand to jump on the augmented reality bandwagon, joining Facebook and Apple, with their plans to release their first ever pair of augmented reality glasses. The company CEO Richard Yu, revealed that the product is due to be commercialised within the next 1 to 2 years.

Huawei Augmented Reality Glasses

The trend in wearable smart and augmented reality glasses really took off when Microsoft Hololens and Google Glass were released, with the Hololens being referred to as ”the leader in mixed reality’’; but it now seems that Microsoft and Google could have some competition on their hands…

Huawei already hinted of this unveiling back in October, with the latest Mate 20 Pro smartphone being kitted out with augmented reality capabilities, although Huawei have announced that their glasses will take the augmented reality experience to a whole new level, immersing audiences like never before.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Phone

Augmented reality allows users to overlay a virtual world into the real world, using three-dimensional images to create an artificial environment or experience. Combined with wearable technology, augmented reality is increasingly being utilised by brands as a way of engaging customers and marketing products.

With proven uses within retail, construction & healthcare, businesses not prepared to adapt their business to make way for mixed reality, will fall short.

Augmented Reality for Healthcare Training

The line between augmented reality and real life is slowly becoming more blurred and the technology being developed is becoming more sophisticated, making it easier for businesses to realise the potential.

Google’s latest augmented reality update focuses on personalising their Google Maps application, helping users to follow directions in real time to ensure they never get lost again! Solutions like this are also making augmented reality more accessible and desirable for consumers as well as businesses, with 1 billion augmented reality users predicted by 2020.

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