Augmented Reality for Business


The usage of augmented reality for business content has grown exponentially over the years, you can now use your phones to visualise furniture in your room, try on make-up or bring the fashion catwalk to your living room (see ASOS’s new augmented reality app). Some would argue that the use of augmented reality for business purposes and other innovative technologies usher the death of traditional media.


However, here at Eon Visual Media, we believe augmented reality can be used to augment and enhance traditional media, ultimately making it more engaging.

When Business Day 2019 arrived (please see our blog of the day) as well as putting our tech-forward augmented reality apps on show, which allowed visitors to place furniture in the space, look inside the human body or augment a full body model in front of them, we also set about creating some content with a bit more of a traditional feel…

We did this by bringing traditional print materials to life; a magazine, a wedding photo and the favourite of the day, a cookbook – all brought to life by augmented reality.

At first glance these may look like your average magazine or cookbook, but hold your phone over the print and the headline animates in and out, the front page skyline photo transforms and reveals more of the city. The cookbook not only tells you how to prepare your food but starts showing you – perfect for when you’re not actually sure how to knead bread.

We wanted to demonstrate the broader applications of augmented reality for business purposes and to show our customers traditional print media isn’t dead, it just maybe needs a bit of ‘augmented reality’ magic touch.

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