An Introduction to Apps in Healthcare


Research shows that, as a result of the pandemic, healthcare app usage rose by 37%. This is interesting, highlighting specifically the soaring popularity of education, health, nutrition and wellness apps, as opposed to the typically popular entertainment apps.

Here, we discuss the benefits of apps in healthcare, whether that be for healthcare providers, patients or just those going about their everyday life…

Healthcare App


Of course, one of the main reasons for using a health specific app is to find out trusted information. We all know the dreaded googling of symptoms when we’re feeling under the weather, so having a trusted app with sound information and advice is sure to boost usage and engagement. Apps in healthcare allow professionals the opportunity to part wisdom on the general public, reduce demand on in-person services, and increases the efficiency of other areas of service, including diagnosis.

Insight Heart is an app utilising augmented reality, that centres around education and information. Having the opportunity to learn in an interactive way is a great tool for engagement and education. Insight Heart also has the ability to sync heart rates with individuals to really personalise the education process and give trusted and memorable information.

Personalised Information

Apps, typically, are designed to be personalised and track information. Gathering personal data allows apps to assist individuals in giving advice and monitoring their own health. Healthcare professionals are able to share reports and data through apps to give people medication reminders and trackers. For example, MySugr is a personalised app that monitors sugar levels through external devices, and advises individuals on when to act on their glucose levels. As well as this, they have a changeable and personalised home screen, where you can add/remove fields that best suit your needs.

Personalised information is a huge factor in healthcare apps to enable users to find trusted information that they can genuinely act on.

Augmented Reality Healthcare App

Data Management and Feedback

More apps in healthcare would not only be great for users, but also a great tool for data collection and tracking for healthcare providers. Improved communication through apps through the use of personal profiles and feedback tools, allows for better efficiency in booking appointments and diagnosing illness. Having access to a wider network of advice and information really boosts usability and engagement in healthcare apps, both for individuals and healthcare providers; data management tools increase efficiency for both parties and encourages better service optimisation.

Everyday Life

Apps form a part of our every day life from entertainment to education. Apple Health is one app that the majority of Apple users will know about, but won’t utilise to its full potential. Yes, we all try to get our 10,000 steps and may even check our heart rate after a struggled run up the stairs, but do we really delve into the advanced health metrics? The answer to that is probably no! In their latest event, Apple announced that you can now track menstrual cycles on the Apple Health feature, further deepening the advancement of health apps on every day life.

Fitbit is another great example of health apps becoming a significant part of people’s every day life, with some arguing that apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal have done more for the improvement of people’s general health than other apps.

Exercise, nutrition and wellness have become significant considerations in people’s general health; the utilisation of these types of apps have proven that self-management and individual investment in health are the most popular forms of self development.

Apple Health App


Apps in healthcare-related industries are a beneficial tool for professionals, in increasing efficiency and monitoring data. More importantly, they are beneficial for users, to gain personal advice and medication reminders and monitor their general health and wellness.

If you’ve got an idea for a new healthcare app or want your app re-developing, get in touch! Check out some of our work on other healthcare apps, and see how we can integrate your ideas into something new!

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