Adapting to the Changes – Rollits’ story


Rollits have always been fantastic at communicating with their staff and clients digitally, and Covid-19 hasn’t changed that.

Take a look at Rollits social media platforms, they have always used digital content to support and share their communications. Whether it’s introducing you to new teams, guidance on legal issues or updates regarding the workplace, they use digital content to grab your attention. Rollits have embraced both video and animation alongside typical branded messages and images across all platforms to great effect.

We have worked alongside Rollits for a number of years, helping to bring some of their marketing ideas to life. During our partnership we have worked with them on a whole host of projects including filming events, seminars and workshops, interviews with new members of staff, company updates and animations. This content has been distributed internally and externally across various platforms, including their website.

Since the start of lockdown, we have worked together to help keep Rollits’ staff and clients informed. Rollits is a great example of a company who have pivoted the work we previously produced – while event coverage has been on hold, video content hasn’t. Rollits have fully embraced filming at home, most notably their annual company update delivered to staff. 

While the footage was supplied, Eon were on hand to apply the finishing touches, incorpoarting existing content and to deliver a slick high-quality video. A key testament to Rollits adaptability is that they have recently launched a virtual charity fundraising campaign, where you can join in and raise money or donate to their incredible chosen charities.  This is replacing their annual Charity Golf Day, another casualty of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Are you interested in how you can pivot your communications and use digital content throughout your platforms? Drop us a message or get in touch via the website.

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