A Week in the Life – Work Experience!


Here at Eon Visual Media, we welcome students for work experience and internships. Being a digital creative agency, we recognise the importance for students to engage in the growing digital world by giving them the opportunity to learn about our array of services. From design, video and animation to marketing, and web and app development, we encourage students to get involved with our team and see how we create inspiring digital content.

Recently, we had a student join us from Hornsea School and Language College for a week’s work experience. We asked him to put together some written and visual content of a week in the life of a work experience student at Eon Visual Media!

Hollie, Isaac and Jade

‘Hi I’m Isaac and I recently did a week of work experience at Eon Visual Media. Each day focused on a very different part of the company, and I also found out a little bit of what Springfield Solutions does. We had work both in and out of the office, so every day was completely fresh!

On Monday, I was introduced to the Eon team before taking a tour of the building (it was much bigger than I expected!). In the afternoon, I found out more about Eon’s past and present, aswell as being shown examples of integrated packaging designs Eon have developed. I also tested out VR, one of the many modern technologies Eon uses to stay relevant in the ever changing world. I met with some of the team who work from home and learned about their different specialties, including design, video, animation and web and app development.

On Tuesday, I went on a shoot with the videography team to Rollits to help film a promotional video. It was a very interesting experience seeing how the lighting and cameras were set up, aswell as how choices made by the client are integrated. In the afternoon, I used Adobe Premiere Pro to start editing a version of what we had filmed in the morning.

AI Generated Images

On Wednesday, I travelled to the C4DI building to attend a networking event with the marketing team, meeting people from other tech companies in the area (and enjoying good food whilst I was at it!). In the afternoon, I was shown another new technology which has become extremely relevant this year: AI. We used a tool called Midjourney to produce images from whatever prompts we could imagine.

On Thursday, I used JavaScript to attempt to code a simple website. I eventually succeeded using a walkthrough provided by the web development team.

On Friday, I spent the day editing a reel-style video showing my experience throughout the week using pictures I had taken.

Thanks to everyone at Eon Visual Media – the week was so valuable and on top of that, was fun!’

We loved having Isaac with us for the week and we’re so pleased he enjoyed himself! It is important we take these opportunities to inspire the next generation of filmmakers, developers, creators and marketers and it’s vital we show how fun it can be!

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