A Week in the Life of a Videographer


Do you ever look at a great video and wonder how much work went into creating the final product?

Behind every video, sits hours of hard work, copious cups of coffee and a keen eye for ‘the perfect shot’. We spoke to Jonny, a member of our video production team and asked him to give us a glimpse into his busy week as a filmmaker.


Day 1

Client: B&M

Subject: Recycling Video

The brief was sent in a few days before the planned shoot for B&M, located at ‘The Vault’ in Liverpool, the city that the bargain retailer is based. The aim of the video was to show staff the process of store waste from their outlets all over the UK coming into the recycling centre. They wanted to motivate staff to improve how they organise their waste – mainly making sure recyclable items are not “contaminated” with food etc. At the moment lots of recyclables are contaminated and therefore cannot be recycled.

Pre shoot planning included organising logistics, proposing ideas in terms of how best to film, and scheduling times to shoot specific aspects of the video, such as interviews with selected staff members and coordinated delivery times.

I drove across to Liverpool at 6am for a 9am start, spending the day at the recycling centre, based in a large warehouse that sees countless deliveries throughout the day. 

Day 2

Client: B&M

Subject: Store Staff Training Videos

The brief was to produce two videos; one for general store staff and one for area managers.

For the store staff they wanted a video to promote their new H.E.L.P campaign (Hello, Engage, Listen and Polite), which aimed to promote a better experience for customers visiting B&M stores. A variety of scenarios were filmed to show how and how not to act with a customer(s). These included acknowledging customers, engaging with customers, helping those who needed assistance, listening to queries they may have and just generally being polite.

For the second edit, they wanted a video which encouraged area managers to lead by example and really set the standard for staff working in the stores. Further scenarios were filmed showing a manager tidying things out of place shelves, interacting with customers and serving on the tills.

Pre production included choosing a store which was appropriate. A store in Chester was chosen due to it’s recent refurbishment and it’s prior use to shoot a TV commercial. Lauren, the client representative, relied on our expertise to suggest how best to shoot everything. Examples of our previous work shooting similar scenarios made it easy for her to visualise the finished product, and align this to her expectations.

The shoot schedule for Day 2 was again a 6am leave for a 9am start.

Videos were needed the following week so a quick turnaround was agreed upon in the brief, to which we delivered after some client feedback.

Day 3

Client: Havas/BetBright

Subject: Nottingham Forest 360 Video

New Nottingham Forest shirt sponsors BetBright wanted to create a fan experience 360 video (to later be used in a VR headset) to follow the Nottingham Forest football team arriving at the home ground. The video would follow the players leaving the coach and walking into the changing room, heading out the tunnel and eventually on to the pitch. BetBright graphics would appear, also with links to the website.

Team leader Jack and I went for a recce at the ground with a member of staff from Havas many weeks before to test the equipment and have a run through of the route. We’d thought of a number of methods of filming it, so we made sure we tested all options.

On the day of the filming I arrived around 3pm to capture the dressing room as the players arrived before the 7:45pm kick off. Then it was a case of waiting for the players’ coach to arrive, before following behind them into the stadium, walking ‘with the team’. Filming like this only allows you one chance at getting the right shot, so lots of practice and communication with all staff working on the day was crucial to avoid any interruption.

The final stage of the filming was the most important – the tunnel and pitch shot. We had discussed well in advanced which way to follow when on the pitch, how close to get and where to finish. All aspects of the shot were thoroughly thought out before taking place. Planning is and was crucial therefore to this particular project.

All moving shots were filmed with a gimbal camera stabiliser to ensure a smooth shot.

Day 4

Client: Havas/ASDA

Subject: 360° Video

ASDA had a major revamp of their Patchway, Bristol store; adding new services including a new pizza stand, sushi bar, cafe and George clothing. ASDA wanted a 360° video to showcase all of this, to be used on social media channels and pushed out on various media outlets.

Jack and I went on a recce a few months prior to check out the store. Building work was still ongoing so logistically we had to work out where things would eventually be built. Even just having a basic idea and seeing the location through your own eyes makes all the difference when preparing for a shoot.

The shoot day commenced at 5am start, requiring me to travel down the day before. When I got to ASDA.

Both static and moving shots were filmed for every location within the store, with the finished product creating a really immersive walkthrough of the retail giant’s new space.



Day 5

Client: PhD

Subject: Protein Bake-Off

PhD Nutrition specialise in protein products, they came to us in anticipation of the launch of a new product – Smart Protein. The product comes in 4 flavours and is a versatile powder, with a USP and emphasis on the fact it can be baked with. The aim of the video was to capture this unique product with the help of 5 key influencers, well known within the nutrition community on social media, who were tasked with the challenge of creating different recipes using the Smart Protein powder. Along with the influencers, Hull-local sportsman Luke Campbell, sponsored by PhD, was on hand to help judge the ‘bake-off style’ setup.

Pre production included sourcing a location, doing a recce of the kitchen and its equipment and planning logistics for the day. It was a multi camera shoot so there were a lot of elements to keep on top of. As well as the competition style bake-off, we also filmed some individual tabletop baking videos, using a birds-eye view shot from above, as well as various cutaway shots from the side.

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