A Day in the Life of an Animator


Here at Eon Visual Media, we pride ourselves on not only great content, but inspiring content. Content that inspires you to run a marathon, donate money to charity or maybe take up surfing?

Through our 6 core services, we partner with our clients, giving them the tools they need to engage and build a connection with their audience.

Tools in our case (no…not screws and a hammer) mean digital content, whether that be a promotional video, an ecommerce website or an augmented reality app. 

This week though we’re talking all things animation!

From our seasoned team of in-house animators, we asked our youngest member of the team to give us a glimpse into what a typical working day looks like for her.

She always kicks off her day with a cup of black coffee, and then sets to work on the days to do list.

We work with our clients in various different ways depending on their specific requirements. Sometimes a client will come to us with a polished brief, or sometimes they’ll want creative input from our team. Either way, each animation project essentially starts with a brief, concept agreement and a storyboard…

Teri’s day begins with a ”going green” project for our sister company Springfield Solutions. The aim was to create an animated explainer video to showcase how the business has taken steps to become environmentally friendly by utilising renewable resources. After the initial stages mentioned above, Teri cracks on with drafting the animation and choosing an appropriate soundtrack.

Next project to tackle…. Eon’s series of animated characters. You’ve met Velma who has a keen eye for video, and you’ve met Andy who develops apps in his spare time, but you’re yet to the meet the rest of the team (keep an eye out over the coming months). 

Teri finishes her day by watering the herd of succulents which litter her desk!

If you have an animation project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch!

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