3 of the Best Healthcare Animations


Healthcare animations combine all of the goodness from infographics into shareable videos; they are simple and maintain the scientific direction that is important in sharing healthcare related information. Modern audiences react better to animations and video content, with better engagement through easily digestible content. Creating animations to communicate different healthcare objectives is a great way to grab attention and relay complex information that is shareable and easy to absorb and understand.

So, what makes a great healthcare animation?

1. Direct and Encouraging

The above ad is a great example of an informative, direct and encouraging healthcare animation. A problem has been identified – the overuse of A&E and the improper use of other systems – and an animation has been created to solve the problem in an encouraging manner. This form of animation is very direct, albeit encouraging, to engage the public and prompt them to follow the correct processes.

2. Inspirational Motivation

This form of healthcare animation, that can be aimed at either the public or professionals, has a primary objective of inspiration; in this case, to become an NHS Ambassador. These forms of animations are key in communicating recruitment, including the need for such roles and the impact they can make. The motivational element of these animations can transform public readers into professionals, meaning the communication of inspirational information is key; the use of simple designs and animations makes professional content easier to understand, further encouraging motivation.

3. Specific Information

Some departments of healthcare, such as oral care and dentistry, share specific animations with consumer advice and support. How-to, and best practice videos are often the most widely used, to give trustworthy advice to consumers. Typically, they include simple designs with lots of illustrations to help share a core message and information. They are also provide more in-depth information and genuine guidance as opposed to static graphics or leaflets. Videos and animations, being more engaging and interactive, are able to provide better support that is more specific to consumer needs.

Animations in healthcare are undoubtedly a successful communication method, especially in conveying professional and scientific information. The use of simple graphics, designs and illustrations make the potentially complex information easier to understand and therefore easier to take action upon; direct and specific guidance can help consumers and professionals to better understand the service and processes.

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