Virtual Reality.


Virtual reality experiences empower clients to craft scenarios that go beyond the bounds of traditional possibilities, captivating customers through an entirely new and interactive medium.

We not only encourage but also inspire our clients to boldly push the boundaries and connect with their audiences in profoundly effective and interactive ways. Virtual reality is the perfect way to do this!

Virtual Reality for Brands.

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly accessible for your customers. Whether they have the latest device on the market or simply just a smartphone, they can access incredible digital realms. The virtual world is the place where you can create completely immersive and captivating 360° content for your audience.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare.

Virtual reality can be used in many ways by the healthcare industry, including:

  • Medical training
  • Patient treatment
  • Medical marketing
  • Disease awareness

Having excelled in producing 3D animations for healthcare brands over the years, delving into the world of virtual reality felt like the natural next step for us. We began by experimenting with the Metaverse, creating digital spaces for both ourselves and Springfield Solutions. These spaces were intended to facilitate collaboration and remote working. This then led to the exploration of other ways in which virtual reality can be utilised.

We have since discovered some incredible uses for virtual reality in healthcare, from interactive medical training to incorporating 360 videos into digital experiences to further engage the end users. Our mission is to create inspiring digital, and what better way to do so than immersing others into a digital realm, rather than having them merely observe it on a screen?