Our 3D team will create holograms for every scenario including conferences, presentations, marketing events and sales shows.

Holographic Display.

Hologram technology is increasingly being utilised as a tool to visualise information, transforming flat articles into 3-dimensional objects. Holograms have proved to be the next step in making digital content more human-compatible, displaying objects in 3D, which we would have seen in 2D on our smartphones.

Holograms for Conferences.

Holograms are the number one way to attract attention at a conference. It is a genuine and unique way to engage and captivate your target audience.

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Springfield Solutions
Ideal Standard

Hologram Display for Conferences and Exhibitions

The latest addition to the Eon tech hub is our Hologram unit. The remarkable unit is a great platform for grabbing a lot of attention at exhibitions, conferences, point-of-sale or in general retail environments. Measuring less than two feet wide and one foot in height, our hologram unit is being use…

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