Creating a New Cosmetic Brand for Springfield Solutions!



Back in 2020, our team at Eon Visual Media were recruited to create a new cosmetics brand for Springfield Solutions. The packaging and labelling business had over 10 years of experience and expertise working within the beauty and cosmetics market, providing some of the most competitive innovative solutions to global beauty companies.

Springfield Solutions wanted to create their own brand, which would allow them to showcase their digital embellishments (including foiling, spot varnishes and embossed/debossed effects) offering to the beauty, personal care and cosmetic markets. Furthermore, the company also wanted to highlight their potential in creating interactive and connected packaging using innovative technology.

Bloom Body Lotion

Bloom Produts

Brand Design

For this project, our graphic design team began by creating a new brand design concept which would allow Springfield Solutions to effectively showcase their packaging and labelling potential. The graphic design team used storyboards and visual research to find inspiration and to help add personality to this new cosmetics brand.

With this, the concept of ‘BLOOM’ was born. This concept would showcase flower graphics in various stages of bloom across an assortment of different labels and cosmetic products. These graphics would also allow the opportunity to demonstrate the various embellishments which could be applied to the packing and labelling products.

After agreeing on the BLOOM brand concept, our graphic design team created a variety of different illustrations and packaging labels. Following this, the new BLOOM packaging labels were printed by Springfield and positioned onto a variety of different cosmetics bottles. Additionally, the graphic design team created additional complimentary brand promotion content and visual assets such as social media graphics, email banners and website graphics.


With the BLOOM branding and packaging completed, the videography and animation teams were ready to step in and create some high-quality video content.

The design team at Eon created a short video animation which presented the new BLOOM branding on a variety of different cosmetics products. Furthermore, the animation allowed Springfield Solutions to educate viewers and explain the various embellishments could be applied to their packing and labelling solutions.

Video Production

As well as creating a short animation, the videography team also created a short film using high-quality real-world footage which also showcased the new BLOOM branding on a variety of different cosmetics products.

Augmented Reality

The final stage of this project was to create a highly engaging and interactive experience for the BLOOM packaging.

To do this, our development team are currently working on creating an augmented reality experience, which will help to bring the BLOOM packaging labels to life. Furthermore, by creating an engaging augmented reality experience, this will allow Springfield Solutions to showcase their ability to create innovative and interactive packaging, allowing their customers to stand out in a busy marketplace.

Bloom Lipstick

Bloom Products for Springfield Solutions


This project has allowed us to showcase a wide variety of our different skills and services at Eon Visual Media. To learn more about this project, you can see the BLOOM brand on the Springfield Solutions website.

Our friendly team can collaborate with you to develop a creative and inspirational brand for your business. Furthermore, our videography team can help you to develop a professional and eye-catching video production, which will help to promote your brand to various stakeholders.

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