Creating an Augmented Reality Label That Talks



Our latest augmented reality project comes from Springfield Solutions.

Springfield was looking for a way to bring their labels to life and demonstrate interactive packaging capabilities. We decided to create an augmented reality label. We started off by making the ‘Our Liz Talking Label’.

Although augmented reality is becoming increasingly accessible and virtual experiences easier to develop, this project did present some unique challenges. For example, a label which is used on a cylindrical surface makes image recognition trickier. We also wanted to include transparency on the video.

After conducting some research, we knew what would be possible on browsers and different devices. We also looked into what is possible with Native AR experiences.





Talking Augmented Reality Label

How Did We Create The Label?

We quickly recognised that a talking label would create some impact, and it would be easy for consumers to relate the demo to their brands and see how they can incorporate it into their products.

The set up was simple; all we needed was a camera and a green screen. We then brought it to life by using 2D animated graphics to match the label design elements.

We developed a native app with Xcode using Reality Composer. It utilises image recognition and image tracking. We only used a portion of the image to reduce the effect of the label’s cylindrical warping around the bottle.

The Result

We have significant experience and examples to share from clients, showing off who we have worked with and the incredible work we have produced.

We have a creative team who can bring your ideas to life, but we don’t stop there, we offer a wide range of services all under one roof, if you were working on one project and had another idea, we can help with that as well!

Our aim for Springfield was to get the best engagement with their customers uniquely and innovatively. A way to showcase their interactive packaging, giving them a significant advantage over their competitors. We are delighted to have helped Springfield achieve this!

To find out more about how augmented reality will help your brand build trust with customers, click here!




Our Liz Augmented Reality Label

"Using Augmented Reality, we decided to create a ‘Talking Label’! Our challenge was to bring one of the labels to life using AR, so we started off making the ‘Our Liz’ label."

Jade Hamilton