Creating an Incredible Parallax Website for Springfield Solutions!



Springfield Solutions are one of the UK’s leading brand management, digital print and interactive media providers. Based in Kingston upon Hull, the company provides innovative digital solutions for businesses operating in the packaging industry.

In 2021, Springfield Solutions clearly defined their mission statement – ‘A world leader in the supply of innovative, sustainable, digital packaging assets’. To reflect this externally, the company required a brand-new website which would exemplify this aim and showcase their brand, services, and mission statement. With this, our team at Eon Visual Media were approached to help completely re-evaluate the Springfield Solutions website and build a brand-new platform from the ground up.

In this case study we explore how our development team at Eon Visual Media designed and developed a brand-new parallax website for Springfield Solutions. 





Parallax Website for Springfield Solutions

Aims & Objectives

At the start of this project, our team met with the management and marketing team at Springfield Solutions to discuss the overall aims and objectives for this project.

After our initial discussions, it was identified that our client needed to completely re-design their ageing website and create a brand-new fresh and luxurious website design, with enhanced user features and simplified navigation.

With the aims and objectives set, our teams began to conduct research to help establish the best methods for developing the brand-new website.


Stage 1: Client Research

The first stage of research was performed by the Marketing team at Springfield Solutions, who began to research various websites which they found inspiring and luxurious.

A common feature highlighted by our client was the use of parallax scrolling on webpages by brands such as Apple, New York Times, and Gucci. It was agreed that using this innovative design element would help Springfield Solutions effectively communicate their brand messages, stories and product information through a slick, flowing interface.



Parallax Website on Mobile for Springfield Solutions




Staff Profile for Springfield Solutions

Stage 2. Internal Research

The second stage of research was completed by our development team who began conducting their own research into competitor websites from the digital print, and brand management industry. During this process, our team would analyse the overall user experience and user interface and highlight pros and cons for each website.


Stage 3: Consumer Profiles

The final stage of our research was to identify and develop a range of consumer profiles for Springfield Solutions. Creating these profiles would help to identify the various target audiences, consumer groups and various demographical factors that make each group unique. An example of one of our consumer profiles can be seen here! 👈


Stage 4. Website Audit

The final stage of our research was to perform an audit on Springfield’s old website and analyse how we could improve the user experience. As a result, this has helped Springfield achieve much-improved user analytics and overall SEO score.

Website Development

With our research complete, our development team were now ready to start designing and building Springfield Solutions’ brand-new website.


For the design of our new website, our team utilised Adobe XD to develop a brand-new wireframe. Developing a wireframe allowed our team to design a new rough layout for Springfield Solutions’ new web pages and help visualise how users would interact with content, and how this would be displayed on-screen.

After sharing this and gaining approval from our client, our team were able to continue building upon this wireframe and incorporate a range of bespoke graphics and imagery.



Parallax Website for Springfield Solutions




Parallax Website for Springfield Solutions

Imagery & Graphics

As part of the new website redevelopment, our graphic design team were able to implement creative design to help created a fresh, modern, and luxurious website.

One key element of this was designing a range of icons which would be on display at the top of the navigation bar. This design feature was inspired from our initial research from like-minded indulgence brands such as Apple.

In addition to creating bespoke graphics, our team coordinated a professional photoshoot to capture a wide variety of new corporate photographs from Springfield Solutions’ headquarters in Kingston-upon Hull. By incorporating high-quality graphics, 3D models and fresh corporate photography, our team were able to create a new website design which reflected our client’s brand identity as a global leader in luxurious digital packaging.

Parallax Website

Another key design element Springfield Solutions wanted to feature on their new website was the use of parallax scrolling on the homepage. This design technique would allow design elements in the background of the webpage to move at a different speed than elements in the foreground as users scroll up and down.

Our design team created a bespoke animation which launches as users land on the homepage. This vibrant animation features a range of bright colours and eye-catching movements which help draw-in the attention of users. As users scroll down the webpage, the parallax webpage splits into 3 additional sections helping to showcase the variety of services and industries Springfield Solutions operates within.



Parallax Website for Springfield Solutions



Pete Looking at the Eon Visual Media Website

Development Platform

With the website design complete, our team began to build the platform for Springfield Solutions’ new website. To do this, our team utilised a headless Content Management System (CMS). This back-end-only CMS would make the our client’s web content accessible via an API for display on any device without a built-in front-end or presentation layer. In conjunction with our headless CMS, our team also used Jamstack architecture, utilising Next.js to build the frontend of the website deploy it using Vercel. Using these development tools would allow our team to develop an incredibly powerful website with incredibly fast loading speeds.


Website Testing

Before launching our brand-new website, our team began a testing phase of the new platform. Initially, the website was tested internally with various staff from Springfield Solutions.

In addition to internal testing, the website was shared with some of Springfield Solutions’ clients, so that they could provide feedback on the user experience from a user’s perspective.

After receiving stakeholder feedback, our team were able to update the website accordingly, and the new platform was ready for launch.


Parallax Website for Springfield Solutions



Website Launch

After completing the design of the new website, this was launched by Springfield Solutions in April 2022.

Since the launch of the website:

  • 92% increase in Pageviews
  • 22% increase in time spent by users on the website.
  • 77% increase in number of sessions per user.

Following the launch of the website, our team have continued to have regular discussions with Springfield Solutions and reviewed the performance of their website. By regularly maintaining the website, this has allowed our team to listen to user feedback and continue to make improvements.


Since completing the development of the brand-new website, this has been incredibly well received by Springfield Solutions, and our team have been highly praised for creating a luxurious and powerful platform.

According to Marketing Manager Farouk Forster,

Eon Visual Media have been fantastic! James Cherry and his team of developers have been key in driving this project and has giving us the confidence in knowing that the website development is moving in the right direction.”


Parallax Website on Mobile for Springfield Solutions



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"Eon Visual Media have been fantastic! James Cherry and his team of developers have been key in driving this project and has giving us the confidence in knowing that the website development is moving in the right direction."

Farouk Forster - Springfield Solutions