SmartPicture App – Goodbye to QR Codes


RIP QR to Codes

QR codes have been on the market for 10+ years but let’s face it, they’re pretty ugly. Enter our innovation & app development team. After months of research we launched our very own QR Code Killer – SmartPicture®


SmartPicture Video

An Award-Winning Solution

SmartPicture™ was an award winner in the Innovation and Technology category at the Mail News & Media Business awards soon after its market launch.

Linking Print to the Web, the Smart Way

Think of SmartPicture™ as an invisible QR code, you know, those ugly black and white codes you see plastered on brochures, magazines, packaging, business cards and on advertising boards? With a revolutionary process that scan imperceptible graphics embedded in printed material, there is no need for QR codes.