Celebratory Video for Hull City Council!


Background & Objectives

The MKM Stadium, owned by Hull City Council, is home to local sports clubs Hull City and Hull FC. We were approached by the council to create a promotional video celebrating 20 years of the stadium to share on social media and encourage fans to share their memories.  

The main objectives of the project were to create memorable and engaging videos, sharing clips from the past 20 years. The client wanted three videos, for the football and rugby teams as well as a combined video, used as a catalyst for social media engagement. Because of this, they required both portrait and landscape videos.  


MKM Statium Owned by Hull City Council

MKM Stadium

Process – Consultation

It was important we consulted with the client to agree on the style and tone of the video, as well as what types of resources we would use. We began by liaising with the clubs and the stadium management company regarding access to the stadium. After this, we agreed to interview one supporter from each team and obtain some archive footage from the BBC and Hull Daily Mail. Together with the client we were able to access a range of footage and help with some uncertainty they had around permissions.  

Process – Production

After this, we booked time to interview two willing fans in the dressing room and other areas of the stadium. The client was happy for us to lead the interview, where we used our years of experience to develop a range of questions to encourage the interviewees to share emotional memories from the heart. 

Following filming and interviews, we began editing. We created 3 initial edits and sent them to the client for approval. As we pre-discussed the style of the videos there were few amendments that needed to be made, speeding up the process in time for their deadline.  

Fans in MKM Stadium


For this project, we had a deadline of 12th December, to allow the client to share the video on their social media in time for the 20th anniversary. It was important for us to adhere to this to ensure the video could be released at the right time.  

Once the landscape videos were approved, we produced portrait videos for use on TikTok, Instagram stories and reels. It was important to produce videos in the correct format for each social media channel. 


Hull City Council were really happy with the outcome. When the video was released on social media, it received 100,000 impressions and was shared by both sports clubs. The campaign acted as a catalyst to generate upwards of 2.5 million impressions across all social channels and featured in local media reports.  

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