Exciting Social Media Filters for Oh Yes! Net Zero!



Back in 2022, we were delighted to announce that Eon Visual Media were teaming up with Oh Yes! Net Zero to become an official campaign partner! Based in Kingston upon Hull, Oh Yes! Net Zero, is a brand-new city-wide movement which aims to unite the city region in promoting and supporting activity that reduces our carbon footprint.

Led by Marketing HumberUniversity of HullHull City Council, and Reckitt, Oh Yes! Net Zero was a unique opportunity for local people and businesses in Hull to come together and collectively drive down our carbon footprint and lead the way in the UK’s fight against the effects of climate change in the city.

In this case study, we will explore how our development team at Eon Visual Media created an engaging social media filter to help promote Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign!


Social Media Filters for Oh Yes Net Zero




Aims & Objectives

Back in February 2022, Eon Visual Media were approached to be an official partner as part of the launch of the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign. As part of the official launch event, all official partners were encouraged to create and utilise various creative assets to help promote Oh Yes! Net Zero and endorse the key campaign messages to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses across the city.

After attending various meetings with campaign partners and establishing the objectives for the campaign launch, the marketing and development team at Eon Visual Media assembled to discuss various creative ideas in which they could help promote the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign and communicate our carbon pledges in a unique and innovative way.


From here, our team concluded that an effective way to promote the campaign and communicate our carbon pledges would be to develop a brand-new social media filter, which would allow users to interact with a Oh Yes! Net Zero branded frame, record a carbon pledge message, and share this on their social media profile.

In addition to supporting the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign, this project would also act as an opportunity for our development team to demonstrate the creative potential of augmented reality social media filters as an effective digital marketing tool.

Oh Yes Net Zero





Social Media Filters for Oh Yes Net Zero

Creating The Filter


To help with the design of the social media filters, our design team reached out to Fred Marketing, who had been responsible for the design, development, and execution of the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign. After obtaining graphics, imagery, and brand guidelines from Fred Marketing, our team were able to incorporate these creative assets into the design of our social media filters.

Collaborating with Fred Marketing allowed our filters to remain on brand and feel like an expansion from the overall Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign. After creating three different design variations, these were passed over to the development team who began exporting the multiple layers into the social media filter development platform.


For developing the social media filters, Spark AR was chosen as this would allow the filters to be published across social media platforms, Facebook, and Instagram.

To bring the filters to life, our designs were imported and converted into Materials and Textures. The assets were then fixed to the canvas (camera) and a preview was enabled. Once all assets were in place, the development team began adjusting the filters within the canvas to ensure that each frame would fit perfectly across various smartphone screens.


With our social media filters ready, our development team proceeded to publish these on the Spark AR Hub. From here, the team were able to categorize our filters with related keywords and add demonstration videos for our filters. With everything set up, our three social media filters were published live on Facebook and Instagram. You can access our filters by clicking here via your smartphone device!


After developing our social media filters, these were shared with the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign managers and our team were highly praised for the creative design and engaging user experience. Since the launch of the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign, our social media filters have been utilised by many to record net carbon zero pledges and promote the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign across social media. You can watch some examples of our social media filters in action here!

If you and your business would like to get involved and join Oh Yes! Net Zero, you can find out more via the campaign website, and sign up to their newsletter here!



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Using Augmented Reality Filters


As you can see, social media filters are an incredibly practical tool for promoting brands in a highly engaging method! We explain the multiple benefits of social media filters and explore how different brands have developed their own engaging customer experiences in our blog here!

In addition to social media filters, there are so many other practical ways in which augmented reality technology can help to promote products, increase brand awareness, and enhance the customer journey. We explore some of these various methods in our blog here! With the Metaverse on the horizon, we firmly believe that we will soon see augmented reality technology become an essential part of every marketing mix.

All this sounds great right? Want to get involved and incorporate social media filters and augmented reality into your business?

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