Creating a Matterport Virtual Tour for Eyeweb!


Background & Objectives

Based in Hull and East Yorkshire, Eyeweb are a web design agency specialising in design, branding, marketing and bespoke development.

They approached us at Eon Visual Media to create a Matterport virtual tour for their client, who has opened up a brand-new healthcare facilty. Matterport virtual tours create innovative and interactive videos, spanning a 360-degree view in any location, often used on websites.

Once the objectives were established, we began production…

Willand Medical Centre Matterport Virtual Tour

Willand Medical Centre Virtual Tour


Our videography team met with Eyeweb and their client, who gave us a tour of the facility before it opened to the public. It’s really important for us to assess the space and look for any limitations or challenges we may face in the filming process.

After this, we discussed which areas of the facility we could cover; thankfully, we had access to the majority of the building, which made the process of filming a lot simpler, and meant web users could have a full tour of the entire building.

We agreed it would be easiest to film when the facility was empty, so we went in on a Sunday. Since the building was newly built, everything looked immaculate which really showed on the videos.


Since we had an empty building to shoot in, we didn’t encounter any issues such as people being in shot of things or out of place. The building was immaculately clean, and the final outcome looked fantastic, the client was very happy! Check it out here – Willand Primary Care Centre.

Our team of talented videographers can work with you on innovative video projects and create the video assets you need. Whether it’s promotional videos, case studies, interviews or Matterport virtual tours, here at Eon we can help! Just get in touch!

Willand Medical Centre Virtual Tour