Capturing Poems, Music & Stories for Hull Maritime Museum!



Hull Maritime Tales Week is an annual festival which takes place in Kingston-Upon-Hull. The week-long festival is aimed towards children and adults of all ages, and features a busy events programme full of stories, music, and crafts, all on a maritime theme. Following on from its debut in 2020, this year’s festival would feature a mix of in-person events, as well as a variety of online digital content.

For this festival, Eon Visual Media were recruited by Hull Maritime Project to film a series of videos to showcase a wide variety of creative stories, poems, and music, to support the festival. In this case study, we will explore how our team captured a variety of different artists and produced a series of short films for Hull Maritime Tales Week.


Hull Maritime Museum


Hull Maritime Museum

Aims & Objectives

In preparation for this film project, our videography and creative team liaised with Hull Maritime Project to discuss what was required and efficiently plan the video productions. From here, it was agreed that Eon Visual Media could capture video footage of a wide variety of performances at Hull Maritime Museum. These performances would include a variety of performers including poetry readers, story tellers and musical concerts, all following a maritime theme. These videos would then be published by Hull Maritime Project throughout the festival across their various online platforms and social media accounts. With this, our videography team travelled to Hull Maritime Museum to begin capturing a variety of film footage.

What We Did

For our film shoot, our videography team captured a variety of readings from writers and poets including Rebecca Drake, Lilyth Coglan, Kenneth Shakesby, Chris Speck, Dr Alec Gill MBE, Louise Beech and Emily Oetegenn. Each performance was captured in a different room at the Hull Maritime Museum and our videography team used a minimal camera set up to capture organic pieces to camera, with a secondary camera providing an alternative wide angle shot. You can watch one of the poetry performances in our video here! 👉




Filming Live Music Performances

In addition to the poetry and story readings, our team also captured a variety of live music performances in the Hull Maritime Museum from local maritime band ‘Spare Hands’. For these performances, our film crew used hand-held gimbles to capture smooth tracking video footage of the band as they performed. Furthermore, our team utilised performance microphones to ensure that the audio was high quality. You can watch one of the live music performances in our video here! 👈

After capturing video footage of the various performers, our videography team edited all the footage into various short video productions.


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