Eon’s Valentine’s Day Randomiser Filter!


Background & Objectives

Here at Eon Visual Media, we are always investing our time in exploring tech and innovation. We love having a play around with creating animations, videos, the metaverse and AR filters and experiences.

We found the perfect opportunity to explore some creativity with creating an AR randomiser filter for a lovely new campaign…


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we spoke with our web development team with a brief to create a randomiser filter. We wanted it to be interactive and give people a laugh during the month of love!

Together we came up with the initial idea randomising celebrities and dates to create the perfect scenario! We threw this idea over to our talented team to create a fun and interactive AR randomiser filter


Valentine's Day Randomiser Filter


Our development team gathered some ideal celebrity dates and scenarios and discussed this with the wider team. After conversation, and much debate, we agreed upon some different dates.

Our team then started working on the AR filter, using Meta Spark Studio to create a series of ‘patches’ to control the date and celebrity cards, which randomise. The filter was available for use on Instagram, meaning it was easily and widely accessible through a link. We chose a design to reflect Valentine’s Day colours and had a process of quality control throughout the wider team, to ensure everyone was happy with the colours and format.



The team were really happy with the final outcome of the AR filter and had great fun finding their perfect dates!



Check out the link here to try out the randomiser filter for yourself!


Our team of developers have lots of experience creating AR experiences through filters – check out more of our work here! If you have a vision you want bringing to life through AR, get in touch, and let us work our magic!