Updating The Weedon Group Website!


Background & Objectives

The Weedon Group are a brand specialising in packaging solutions, specifically corrugated packaging, e-commerce and POS displays. They wanted to show customers that they have an extensive range of products, all designed, manufactured and distributed in house, meaning their turnaround times are shortened compared to competitors.

The Weedon Group approached us with these objectives in mind to update their website with fresh designs and make the site easier to navigate working across mobile and desktop. They were also aiming to increase engagement and conversion rates, as well as more clicks through to Weedon Direct, as well as improving SEO and general speed and performance. Our team got to work on Weedon’s website updates..

Weedon Group Website

Weedon Group Sitemaps


To begin the research phase, our team looked into competitors and website trends to try and differentiate the new and updated Weedon Group website.

Sitemap & Wireframes

Part of our research included investigating the old website to try and streamline the products and services offered by the Weedon Group in attempt to make the site easier to navigate for customers. We looked to see if any pages or text could be amended or discarded, again to improve the ease of use for customers.

Taking into account the brief and sitemap, we created wireframes to give the Weedon Group an idea of what content would look like across a few sample pages and how this could be laid out. Once this step was approved and the sitemap was finalised, we began the design phase of the website update.


A 3D ‘hero’ animation was agreed upon to be the best design element to best highlight the full range of products and services within the first few seconds of landing on the homepage. We spoke with the Weedon Group and utilised their pre-existing 3D assets for images, animations and interactive 3D product banners. Static image renders from the 3D assets were also used within the page content.

Content from the existing site, as well as newly created content, was added to the designs and onto the website.

Weedon Group Sitemaps

Weedon Group Sitemap

Development & Outcome

After the designs and digital assets were created, the development team began utilising software such as Next JS, to develop the website, and Vercel to improve speed and performance. They also used WordPress as a content management system, to allow Weedon to easily engage in manual website updates.

Once the site was created and assets added, the project was finalised after discussions and amendments by the client. The Weedon Group’s new website has been re-designed and is now much more up to date and has improved speed and SEO performance.