Developing a Bespoke Event Microsite!


Background & Objectives

We were approached by a healthcare communications and PR company to create a bespoke event microsite. The main objectives were to create a dedicated media room platform for journalists to find event information and download press release kits, as well as book interviews with spokespeople.  

The client hoped the microsite would provide a structural overview of the event, and include trackable metrics (including date, duration and materials downloaded), as well as a functional homepage, resource packs, and a dedicated navigation for questions.  

Designed specifically for an event, it was important we adhered to the tight deadlines set by the client. We were able to turnaround this project in around 2 weeks, maintaining our usual high standards and meeting all the clients’ desires and requirements.  

Using a Computer

Using a Laptop


To begin with, the design elements and aesthetic appeal of the website needed to be discussed. We found the best way of ensuring the project was as the client wanted was to use Adobe XD. This software allowed the client to visualise the design and refine the content before continuing to development, making the process quicker, smoother, and ensured their satisfaction. 

One of our new developers, Adam, got to work on the project, considering the quick deadline. To begin developing the React site we used Next.js, a web development framework enabling the generation of static websites and server-side rendering.  

An important aspect of the brief was to create a private login area for Journalists / press to access resource packs and materials. We used Google Firebase for passwordless authentication, giving security to users. User registration was a very simple form and email address; once the email address is verified, the user can be approved via an email to an administrator. Once approved a magic login link is sent via email. We opted to use passwordless authentication to give users greater ease and not have the added frustration of creating and remembering usernames and passwords.  


If you like what you see, and want to speak to us about developing a microsite, get in touch, and let our friendly team turn your visions into reality! Despite the quick deadline, we managed to complete the microsite for the client in time for the event! 

We were really pleased with how quickly we managed to complete this project, whilst maintaining our usual high-quality and high standards. The event microsite is functional and meets all of the clients’ objectives and expectations, allowing journalists to easily navigate and download resources and information, book interviews and ask questions.  

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