Creating Content for The Business Day 2024!


Background and Objectives

Every year, Eon Visual Media have the pleasure of being a main sponsor at The Business Day event held at Bridlington Spa. We’re proud to work alongside the fabulous team at The Spa to film the event, the insightful keynote sessions, and create a series of marketing materials including highlights videos, a time-lapse and attendee interviews.  

Part of 2024’s event saw the introduction of a QR code treasure hunt, giving guests a fantastic opportunity to win tickets to an event at The Spa. Read below to find out more about this exciting project… 


meet and greet filming at the business day

Preliminary Filming

With 2024’s headline speaker announced as none other than Björn Ulvaeus, we were tasked with creating a dazzling introductory video to be shown on the day of the event.  

Our videographers gathered with the team from The Spa, as well as some Dancing Queens, to film an engaging, exciting video.  

Check it out below… 

As well as this, we did some preliminary filming at The Spa, capturing some fantastic shots and a time-lapse of the set up and the scale of one of East Yorkshire’s best business networking events! 



At Eon Visual Media, we have a fantastically skilled development team, who got to work on an idea… 

We thought a QR code treasure hunt, with scannable QR codes on Gyles’ Jumper stickers, would be a great way to entice footfall at main sponsor stands and encourage attendees to network and interact more with the event.  

Our developers and designers worked together to create a series of QR codes with quiz questions and augmented reality experiences suited to each main sponsor stand. The stickers were put up around The Spa, encouraging attendees to scan and be entered into an exciting prize draw! 

Gyles' jumper QR code treasure hunt at the business day

behind the scenes filming at the business day

Live Event Filming

On the day, our film crew were super busy filming the event for a highlights reel which included the keynote speakers, interviews with attendees and sponsors and the meet and greets with Gyles Brandreth and Björn Ulvaeus.  

Our videography team worked closely with Gyles Brandreth and the event coordinators to film and broadcast live updates throughout the day. Gyles, as the host, would often need to direct attendees to breakout or keynote sessions to help the flow of the event. During the day, our team also deployed graphics to be displayed on the main screens, informing guests of the running order and what was coming up next. As well as this, we created a 3D hot air balloon sequence, highlighting the logos of the main sponsors to be shown on the screen throughout the day. 


Marketing Assets

One of the most important parts of holding an event as big and as spectacular as The Business Day includes gathering material for marketing assets. If you’ve got a great event, you need to shout about it!

The videos, including a time-lapse, highlights reel, and vox pop interviews, are great forms of marketing content. Bridlington Spa are able to utilise these videos across social media platforms and their website as promotional material for future events.

If you’re interested in attending The Business Day in 2025, keep an eye on their socials and website.

behind the scenes filming at the business day