Creating Content for Business Day 2022!



We were thrilled to attend The Business Day once again, giving us the opportunity to network with some fantastic companies and individuals local to the region. This year, we were tasked with filming a time-lapse, two promotional videos (including a highlights reel and sponsor video), filming the keynote speakers and streaming content into the main hall from the theatre.  

Gyles Brandreth hosted the event and welcomed different business leaders, speakers and guests. It was a great day for all, with some wonderful opportunities to speak to some local businesses, have a play on some virtual reality headsets, showcase some of our skills, and get involved in some very tough, very competitive games… 

The Business Day

The Business Day Talk

Aims & Objectives

East Riding Council recruited Eon Visual Media to film the event and capture some great footage of the day. They also wanted talks and information to be broadcast into the main hall from the theatre.

Our skilled videographers and creators set out to create a number of different videos, from all sorts of different angles, for Bridlington Spa. We thought it was important to capture every moment of the event so we used our specialist equipment, including time-lapse cameras, drones and live streaming kit.


So What Did Eon Visual Media Get Up To?

One of the first things we did at Business Day, was get there 4 days early! We arrived on Monday to set up our cameras and time-lapse equipment to capture everything about the event including props arriving, setting up and eventually the welcoming of guests. We changed the angle of the camera every other day to ensure we could capture every area of Business Day.


The Business Day Interview

With the arrival of guests, and Gyles Brandreth, we began live streaming from the theatre into the main hall. Here, we used our live streaming equipment and software, as well as two cameras, video stings, animated slides, and bespoke videos, which we showed throughout the day.  

During Business Day, there were a number of different keynote speakers, including Darren Farley, Noreena Hertz and Jo Malone. We broadcasted these talks into the main hall, making an inclusive experience for all those who could not attend the speeches. 

Throughout the event, our creative videographers became a three-man camera crew to capture content from Business Day for an Eon Visual Media highlights video, as well as a promotional highlights video for East Riding Council. Here, you can see the extent of networking, the interest in the keynote speakers and the fun of Business Day, showcasing some innovative technologies as well as some new businesses! 

We thought it was important here to chat to some individuals and get their views, which you can see in the highlights video here! We also made sure to capture some of the excitement around the stands and the networking opportunities. 

Filming for the Business Day


The above time-lapse and promotional highlights video were the main tangible outcomes from this project. They are able to showcase the extent of Business Day and provide a real insight into the behind the scenes set up and the fluidity of the day, with real testimonials from business leaders.

One of our other responsibilities was the audio and visual management of the day, not only filming the event for promotional use, but ensuring, internally, that information and content was broadcasted from the theatre into the main hall. We also provided video/animation content to show on screens around the main hall.

It was a real pleasure to be able to film Business Day 2022 and create this video content for Bridlington Spa. We had so much fun being able to be involved behind the scenes and speak to some of the business leaders making Business Day such a great success.