Colostomy Animation for Welland Medical!


Background and Animation Objectives

Welland Medical specialise in the design, development and manufacture of stoma care ostomy bags and accessories. Following previous work, they approached us here at Eon Visual Media to create an instructional animation to show customers the innovation behind the Aurum® Plus Soft Convex pouch and to showcase how their latest product range was designed around what users value. In addition to this, they wanted to showcase the unique flange design and the other benefits it offers.

The animation was part of a number of videos created to support the launch of the Aurum® Plus Soft Convex pouches. The intention was for these videos to be used in launch campaigns across their website, social media and to support their sales efforts. The mode of action animation has been used as a sales tool for their Global distributors so that Healthcare Professionals can utilise supportive materials when speaking to stoma care patients about how their pouch works. This helps users to feel more confident when using the product.

A range of Welland Medical black and sand stoma pouches on a light grey background with black writing

A black stoma pouch on a white background with black writing. Honey being drizzled onto the pouch


Following consultations with Welland Medical, we created a storyboard to ensure the right sequencing and messaging. The client wanted the animation to have a lot of beauty shots and display the features and show the benefits of the products in a creative way, which is exactly something our expert team of animators can deliver. As well as the storyboard, we also produced look images of the final visual style to ensure we met the clients’ needs to the highest quality.

We used tools including Blender (for the 3D elements) and utilised some learnings from past projects with Welland Medical to increase the render quality and was able to utilise some of the manufacturing models. Following this, we used After Effects to bring the animation together and add the 2D elements.


The Aurum® Plus Soft Convex pouch animation was very well received, with the animation being translated for several global markets which is testament to its high quality and effective messaging.


A black stoma pouch being fitted onto a person with white writing on a grey background