Bringing Brainworks bars into the digital era with image recognition


Scan, scan, scan!

We’re excited to announce the official release of the Brainworks App! Download the app to scan your Brainworks bar and access brain training games, as well as additional information about the product & the brand.

By scanning the bar, you can access the online store to buy more even bars! The app is available for iOS & Android on the App Store and Google Play now! 

Development time Media

Development time

Our app development team have created a simple way for users to easily access marketing and branding material for the Brainworks brand, through the use of image recogntion technology.

Through the app, using the phone camera, users are able to scan a Brainworks product or the shelf ready packaging instore, directing them from the app to a landing page on their browser – the Brainworks homepage. From here, users can discover a variety of features, including links to social media, access to brain training games and much more!

The app is available on iOS & Android and is free of charge to download.