New Branding Design – The Air For Life Story


Creating. Inspiring. Digital. This is our mantra, and it’s exactly how we managed to take a brand from a concept to an award-winning and life-saving product.


Introducing Air For Life

Air For Life was a concept created by Joe Barratt and Mathew Sygrove whilst employed in the Fire and Rescue Service working as Firefighters.

They teamed up with Dr. Tony Ryan, a science professional with expertise in gas adsorption.

Air For Life is an emergency escape device which provides the user with a self-contained source of respirable air to survive and/or escape from emergencies, such as domestic fires and terrorist attacks, in which breathing may become impaired.

Joe Barratt, Mathew Sygrove, Dr. Tony Ryan
Joe Barratt, Mathew Sygrove, Dr. Tony Ryan

Air for Life

What Was the Problem?

As a startup idea, with little experience in branding, packaging and marketing, the team at Simply Breathe needed a media partner who could support and advise on the complete branding design. After falling in love with the idea and the passion that the team exuded about the product, we jumped at the chance to team up and offered to support on all aspects that aligned with our services and strengths.

Creating the Complete Solution, the Air For Life Story

We utilised skills across the team to develop a complete branding design for the award-winning product Air For Life. 

The project began with research and competitor analysis, alongside several brainstorming meetings with the client to pinpoint the product name, mission and vision. Given the nature of the product, it was vitally important to understand the values of what the team at Air for Life were trying to achieve.

Eon Visual Media

Air for Life Logo

Working closely with the team we developed the following mission and strapline: 


Saving lives one breath at a time.

Once these key factors had been determined, work started on creating the encompassing brand. 

The Air for Life brand is created from two main elements: the wordmark and the brand icon. They both work together to create a strong, recognisable brand which stands apart from competitors. On top of this, we produced a comprehensive set of brand guidelines showing how the brand should be used consistently across various different media.

Clean and simple. This was the brief for the canister artwork. Allowing the product to be easily recognisable in the home and workplace during an emergency situation. Visible, clear and concise iconography showing how to use the product were added to the canister and outer packaging.

To maintain the theme, the website was designed with coherent sections of information, sat alongside explainer infographics, video and hero imagery. Keeping the content minimal but very relevant. 

Air for Life Website Branding Design

Air for Life

For the purpose of the website and social media campaigns, video content was filmed and edited by Eon Visual Media. These videos took the shape of the brand story, a meet the team campaign, how to use videos and an overview of the product showcasing the technology behind it’s activated carbon. 

We also produced the photography for the project ranging from packshots to model-based imagery showing the product in use.  

Finally, for the website, we created an interactive sales tool to help answer FAQ’s at events, conferences and exhibitions. 

We worked with the Air For Life team to carefully plan a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we set up appropriate social media channels, researched PR opportunities and prepared content to support the planned campaigns which included a mix of paid advertising and organic posts.

Initial Brand Success

Since the successful launch, the product has already picked up two prestigious awards. Winning both the ‘Best PPE Accessory’ at the Professional Clothing Awards and ‘Aerosol of the Year’ at the British Manufacturers Association (BAMA) Awards in 2019.   

At the recent ADF Paris 2020, Head of Product Development at L’oreal, Jonathan Gawtrey, described Air For Life as ‘one of the most innovative products I have ever seen.’

The product is now being sold to distributors and personal users in Europe, the United States of America and soon to be available in Australia and the Aisa Pacific region. 

We look forward to continued success with this life-saving brand, Air For Life. If you have a branding design idea you want to bring to life, contact us here. 

Air for Life Talk
Jonathan Gawtrey, described Air For Life as ‘one of the most innovative products I have ever seen.’