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Earlier this year, Eon Visual Media were recruited by Welland Medical Limited to produce a series of visual assets to help promote a brand-new product launch for the brand.

Welland Medical Limited are an innovator in stoma care, specialising in the design, development and manufacture of stoma care appliances and accessories, using the high-quality materials. The company works closely with healthcare professionals, patients, and care organisations, and helps to develop innovative products that enhance the lives of ostomates throughout the world.

The aim for this project was to help Welland Medical Limited to promote a new range of stoma pouches called ‘Aurum Plus’, and our team were responsible for producing a variety of visual assets to help promote this brand-new product.

Aurum Plus by Welland Medical

Aurum Plus

What We Did

In preparation for this project, our creative team liaised with Welland Medical Limited to create a strategy and efficiently plan all visual assets. From here, it was agreed that Eon Visual Media would produce an animated promotional video for the website, a shorter animated promotional video for social media, an engaging augmented reality experience. We even created a demo video to introduce augmented reality to Welland Medical Limited’s customers, healthcare professionals and care organisations!

Aurum Plus Promotional Video

The first video would be a promotional video for Aurum Plus, which would be featured on the Welland Medical Limited website on the specific product page. The premise for this video production was to promote the new Aurum Plus products and explain the features of these new stoma pouches.

With this, our creative team reviewed the project brief and developed a storyboard which would address the overall objectives of the project. After gaining approval on the storyboard from Welland Medical Limited, our team began to develop and design look images and design concepts for the video.

Aurum Plus

Our creative team were able to utilise Welland Medical Limited’s existing design models, branding and imagery to create visual assets that supported the company’s previous visual mate­rials, including our social media content, and augmented reality experience. Doing this also allowed our new animated video to keep on brand and message with Welland Medical Limited’s current branding and mission statement.

After gaining further approval from Welland Medical Limited, our team developed the full animated video which provided an overview of Aurum Plus, highlighted the different colour options and various product ranges, showcased customer feedback, and emphasised the benefits this can bring to customers.

You can see our full video production here! 👈

Social Video

As well as creating the Aurum Plus product video for the website, our team also created an additional animated video which would be used for marketing the products on the Welland Medical Limited social media platforms. This would also provide an overview of the new Aurum Plus products, however, this video would be shorter and draw emphasis to the key product features such as the different colour options and various product ranges, and the overall product benefits.

Additionally, our team wanted to vastly adapt the video so that the format would be more suitable for the Welland Medical Limited’s specific target audiences on social media. With this, our team developed an alternative video in a 1×1 square format, so this could be easily viewed and universally uploaded to Welland Medical Limited’s various social media platforms. Additionally, the overall pace of the video was increased so that key messages and product features could be efficiently communicated with viewers on social media.

You can see our full video production here! 👉

Aurum Plus


After creating these both promotional videos, these were incredibly well received by Welland Medical Limited and utilised by the company for their summer product launch. Since its launch, the videos have been viewed by healthcare professionals, patients, and care organisations worldwide.


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Aurum Plus by Welland Medical