Creating AR Pet Filters for Springfield Solutions!


Background & Objectives

Springfield Solutions are world leaders in the production of innovative, digital packaging solutions. They utilise new technologies to deliver high-quality, dynamic labelling. This quarter, Springfield Solutions chose to target the pet care sector, opting to create a fictitious brand to showcase their print offerings, specifically interactive labels.

Our team were approached to help integrate augmented reality into some original labels for fictitious pet care brand, Woof and Meow. The aim was to showcase contemporary packaging solutions, as well as some unique digital labelling, which can be personalised.


Springfield Solutions Products

AR Pet Filter


We began the research phase by checking out existing augmented reality filters, specifically in the beauty and pet sectors. We took inspiration from L’Oreal and their ‘Because You’re Worth It’ tagline, focusing on luxury!

After this, we researched into appropriate platforms for the AR pet filter. We found web AR to be a good option, but decided to go with social media platforms. We found this much easier and accessible to use.

Finally, we asked ourselves ‘what would a luxury pet do?’ The answer…have a spa day! You will know as well as we do, that pets love nothing less than being pampered. We passed this information over to the development team.


Development of the AR pet filters began with using Spark AR, but we found the standard facial recognitions did not work for pets. So, after deciding to go down the social media route, decided to create a Snapchat filter with dedicated pet facial recognition, to make the filters unique. For this, we used Lens Studio, which includes advanced tracker technology and custom shade creation. We tailored a design to our project and integrated our branding.

We tried this out – the filter finds the pet and displays the selfie frame whilst you take the photo. It is then encouraged to share on social media. We created an account and submitted our design for publishing, which took a few days.

AR Pet Filter Coding

Springfield Solutions Products


After our design was approved, the filter was available to use. It successfully mapped the facial features of pets and allowed for the augmented reality filter to be applied. Some of the results are displayed within the case study, showing the fun of augmented reality and pets!

The QR code to access the AR pet filter is displayed on their Woof and Meow packaging. The project was successful in showing Springfield Solutions’ original and digital packaging capabilities, as well as the dynamism of augmented reality.


The project between Eon Visual Media and Springfield Solutions showcases the opportunities to utilise innovative technology, such as augmented reality, in tangible products to create something digitally dynamic and unique.

Get in touch with us here at Eon Visual Media to help you integrate innovation into your business and to learn more about augmented reality!

AR Pet Filter