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Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human well-being. The world’s need for better protection never stops, so Ansell is constantly researching, developing and investing to manufacture and distribute cutting edge product innovation and technology, marketed under well-known brands that customers trust.

Operating in two main business segments, Industrial and Healthcare, Ansell is the market leader that continues to grow, employing 13,000 people worldwide. With operations in North America, Latin America/Caribbean, EMEA and Asia Pacific, customers in more than 100 countries around the world trust Ansell and its protection solutions.

Information on Ansell and its products can be found here.

After meeting and liaising with the team at a networking event, Eon Visual Media were recruited by Ansell to produce a 360 video tour of Ansell’s research and development laboratories based in Willerby.

In this case study, we will explore how our team of videographers captured 360 video tour footage and edited it into an engaging and interactive virtual experience!




Ansell Research & Development Laboratory


Ansell Product Wall

Aims & Objectives

In preparation for this project, our creative team liaised with the global Chemical Marketing team from Ansell to create a strategy and efficiently plan all visual assets which were required.

From here, it was established at Ansell were looking to find an innovative way to allow stakeholders to explore their research and development laboratories. Within these laboratories, Ansell’s researchers study hazardous substances and aim to develop protective solutions to protect consumers. Whilst Ansell wanted stakeholders to have an all-access tour, there are only so many people who can visit in person, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why 360?

One approach already utilised by Ansell, was the use of 360 ° PTZ webcams to provide live virtual tours of their facilities. This approach was so well received by internal and external customers, that the company wanted to develop an alternative experience which would incorporate significantly improved video footage and a plethora of interactive multimedia elements. Further, there are only so many live tours the laboratory team can do, before the time commitments become unsustainable.

From here, it was agreed that Eon Visual Media would produce a 360 video tour which would provide viewers an engaging, interactive, and educational virtual tour experience of the Ansell research laboratories, which could be accessed at any time, across the globe.



Ansell Research & Development Laboratory



360 Camera

What We Did

Capturing Tour Footage

With are objectives set, our videography team travelled to the Ansell’s laboratories in Willerby to begin capturing film footage.

For our film shoot, our videography team utilised a 360-degree camera to capture the journey through the development laboratories. This route would showcase the equipment used by Ansell to perform research and development. By utilising a 360-degree camera, this allowed viewers to experience the journey through the research laboratories from a first-person perspective.

Editing & Publishing

After capturing all required shots, our team began to edit this into an engaging virtual tour. To create our 360 video tour experience, our team utilised Cupix Homes to import our 360-degree footage and develop this into a virtual experience. Using this platform allowed our team to add navigation arrows to help users easily explore the development laboratories.

Another benefit of utilising Cupix Homes for developing our 360 video tour, is that this platform would allow Ansell to have complete control over who could access this experience. This was incredibly beneficial for Ansell who initially had concerns over data protection and who could access these informative tours.



Ansell Research & Development Laboratory



Ansell Research & Development Laboratory

Additional Features

In addition to utilising our 360 video footage, our team were also able to incorporate additional embedded media into Ansell’s 360-tour. This included entertaining videos to help explain how certain pieces of equipment functioned, as well as informative PDFs to further educate users.

Combining all the 360 video footage and various embedded media allowed our team to produce a high-quality tour which allowed viewers to observe all the laboratory facilities in high levels of detail and encourage engagement with various interactive elements.


After developing our 360 video tour for Ansell, this was incredibly well received, and our videography were praised for producing a highly engaging virtual experience. Due to the overarching success of this project, Ansell are now in the process of developing their own in-house platform which will help to create further interactive tours of the laboratories across the globe.


Ansell Video


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