Creating an Informative Animation for Manchester Arena!



We were approached by ASM Global, operators of Manchester Arena to create an engaging animation to explain the new security measures at the arena. 

Of course, it is really important that customers are able to easily access and digest security information and policy, so having a simple informative animation is a great way to display messages. With a capacity of 21,000, Manchester Arena is the largest events arena in the UK, reinforcing the importance of security through efficiency. 

Safety Animation for Manchester Arena

Stay Safe Animation


The main objectives of the animation were to simply and clearly display security information and stadium policies. Events arenas often have very strict bag policies in the interest of ease and security, and so this was something they were keen to reiterate in the animation. 

Their innovative security screening was a key feature they wanted to explain. Their partnership with Evolv Technology reduced the need for the physical examination of bags and instead introduced AI screening, which is more efficient and safer for those with medical conditions and pacemakers. 

As well as this, they wanted to provide a COVID-19 update and remind customers to be considerate of others, as well as highlighting they are a contactless venue. 


After discussing the client’s objectives, we began production of the animation, first by creating visual storyboards. During this phase, we collaborate with the client to stay on brand and include all of the relevant information. As well, we incorporated a script and added directions to the storyboard. The final storyboard was fully designed, allowing the client to see exactly what it would look like. 

On approval of the fully designed storyboard, we started bringing the animation to life. As we neared completion of the animation, we shared a selection of voiceover artists to fit the tone and style of the animation. At Eon Visual Media, we can offer directed and undirected recording sessions ensuring the voiceover is perfect every time.  


Bag Safety Animation for Manchester Arena


The animation was deployed at the Manchester Arena and on social media, and was well received by the client, their supplier and most importantly their customers. ASM are currently in conversation regarding deploying this across their other venues.

Check out the animation here!

"From the moment we first contacted Eon Visual Media we knew they were the right partner to create an engaging customer facing animation for our project. We were introducing cutting edge, AI-driven security scanning technology and were the first music venue in Europe to use this technology so customer communications were a top priority. Security at public events is a serious topic and has been very much in the public eye over recent years. The Eon Visual Media team managed to successfully blend the essential safety information into an engaging animation which is now sent event goers before every event, used on our websites and even used in the training of staff. We will certainly be using the Eon Visual Media team again."

Gary Simpson, Director of Security, Safety and Risk at ASM Global