Developing an Interactive QR Code for the Allam British Open!



Back in April 2022, we were delighted to announce that Eon Visual Media would once again be an Official Sponsor of the Allam British Open 2022! Eon Visual Media had been proud to be an Official Sponsor for the tournament for the past ten years and were once again very excited to collaborate with the Professional Squash Association (PSA) for this event.

Dubbed the Wimbledon of squash – the tournament takes place annually at the University of Hull and allows competitors from around the globe to come together and compete to become the new squash champion. You can watch some of the highlights from 2021’s event in our video here 👉


Allam British Open 2021

As well as acting as a key sponsor for the event, our team also wanted to flex our creative muscles and develop an engaging marketing campaign which would create an interactive experience for attendees and spectators at the tournament.

In this case study, we explore how our marketing team developed an engaging QR code campaign for the Allam British Open, allowing spectators to interact and vote on the outcome of the tournament.

Aims & Objectives

In preparation for this project, our marketing team liaised with the PSA to discuss the overall aims and objectives for this project. In this meeting, our team volunteered our services and expertise to help the PSA develop an engaging marketing experience, which would aim to enhance the spectator experience at the tournament. Due to time constraints, our team needed to instead develop an engaging with a fast turnaround.

British Open Squash


QR Code for Allam British Open

After further research and consideration, our team pitched the idea of implementing a QR code technology focused campaign. This idea took heavy inspiration from a recent marketing campaign created by Coinbase for Super Bowl 2022. You can read more about this creative ad campaign in our blog here!

Following the overwhelming success of this ad campaign, our team took inspiration this advert and agreed that we would develop a campaign which would allow spectators to scan a QR Code and vote on who they believed would win each badminton match in the semi-finals and finale.

With our idea approved by the PSA, our team began the development process and bring our idea into fruition.

Animated Videos

To commence this project, our team needed to produce a series of high-quality videos which would be displayed across the venue throughout the tournament.

To create these, our team were able to utilise high-quality photographs of each player from the PSA and incorporate these into each animated video. Additionally, each video included a bespoke QR code which upon scanning would direct users to the voting platform.


With our animations prepared, our team then set up a variety of polls where spectators could vote on the outcome of each badminton match. This was achieved by utilising polling platform Slido which would allow spectators at the Allam British Open to vote on the outcome of the semi-finals and finale.




Allam British Open 2021


Squash at Allam British Open


With our visual assets and online poll set up and ready to go, our marketing team attended the Allam British Open tournament in April 2022. Throughout the tournament, our promotional graphics were displayed across various monitors throughout the tournament venue, and viewers could scan our QR codes to access the various polls. Throughout the tournament, our team were responsible for overseeing the various polls and ensuring that new polls were created for those who progressed further into the finales.


After completing this campaign, our team were highly praised by the PSA for developing and executing a highly engaging experience for the tournament spectators. According to Slido statistics, over TOTAL votes were submitted by spectators throughout the tournament. According to Amyj Rutherford,

“The QR code activation went well, it was nice to engage fans and we heard positive feedback from those who participated. We enjoyed doing something a little different and will be sure to run similar activations in the future. I would recommend collaborating with Eon Visual Media and hope to work with their superb team again.”

Steve Forster with Allam British Open Winners


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