Innovation Awards at SXSW: Part Two


Hopefully you’ve read part one of this blog, where we discuss the AI, Design and Health and MedTech Innovation categories from the South by Southwest festival. If not, give it a read here!

Now let’s crack on with part two, where we explore the innovation finalists in the Immersive and Sustainability categories…

South by Southwest Festival Drone Shot

Immersive – GALWAD

Immersive experiences are powerful tools, both for engaging users and for creating unique and memorable journeys. GALWAD encompasses a story told in real time, over the course of 7 days both online and on TV live from Wales. The concept of the immersive experience questions what if the future made contact with us in the present? This prompted the creation of an experience set in 2052 imagined by over 400 designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, technologists and artists that delves into the socio-economic and cultural environment of the effects of a 1.8 degree rise in global temperatures. This project of tri-lingual, real-time storytelling maps out characters and plots across pieces of content in an imagined and immersive experience of single-shot cinematography.

GALWAD is a sensational immersive experience encompassing theatre, film and tv that is accessible and engaging. It is driven by a need for social change and is an incredibly intelligent method of informing change through entertainment and education. Being filmed live from Wales and shown on Sky Arts, the project is a UK-based innovation that we should be proud of. Here at Eon Visual Media, we understand the power of immersive experiences; GALWAD is a fantastic example of the convergence of film, theatre and tv to produce engaging, real-time storytelling.


Sustainability – Nature’s Fynd: Fy Protein

Sustainability is a concept becoming central to business growth and development, and rightly so. Finding sustainable methods through operations and supply chains almost pushes businesses to future proof their production. Nature’s Fynd are a funghi-based protein company, seeking to reduce the environmental impact of food.

Nature’s Fynd can produce a virtually unlimited supply of Fy protein from an isolated sample of Fusarium strain Flavolapis found in Yellowstone National Park. After they have gathered the sample, they go through the fermentation process to boost scientifically driven, protein-targeted growth in a controlled environment. After this, there are four steps of food production to engage in including steaming, pressing, rinsing and slicing – the protein can then be transformed into foodstuffs in solid, liquid or powder forms. After this, it is available to eat!

This fungi-based protein uses 99% less land, 94% fewer greenhouses and 99% less water when compared to traditional beef production, making it a significantly more sustainable product. Whether it tastes good is a different question! It would be interesting to see this product put to the test against other meatless options to see if it really measures up against more popular vegan alternatives. Either way, Nature’s Fynd is an incredibly innovative sustainability method in the fight against the impact of meat eaters across the globe.

Nature's Fynd

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