How to Use Innovation to Grow Your Business


The success of a business in this day and age, is reliant on its ability to be agile and innovative. The exploration of new ideas does not only enhance the quality of a business’s products, it is also key to improving company processes, both of which enhance a business’s profitability. 

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In such a competitive landscape, businesses have to be seen to stand out from the crowd. Adopting an innovative culture within a business is one way to ensure this happens. Forbes has compiled a list of the world’s most innovative companies, inclusive of well known brands such as Amazon, Netflix and Unilever, but what is the definition of innovative…..

To innovate means to introduce new methods and ideas and to think creatively, something which falls largely on employee’s.

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In the right environment, employees should feel empowered to suggest new ways of working and develop new innovations for their customers. 

Here at Eon, we do this in 2 key ways: 

  1. Failing Fast – encourage employees to try new things but try them quickly. The sooner you realise something doesn’t work, the closer you are to finding out how it will work.
  2. Turning ”Can’t” into ”How’‘ – have you ever heard someone in your organisation say ”we can’t do that because…”,  ”it won’t work”, ”we tried it 12 years ago”, ”the customer won’t like it”, ”we’ve always done it this way” etc etc. As soon as you hear the word ”can’t”, respond with ”how’’ could we do it?

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Only by having engaged employees, confident enough to suggest new ways of working and new ideas, will a business truly innovate.

If you’re planning a project that needs an innovative flare, then get in touch! 

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